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List of Chief Ministers of Jharkhand

List of Chief Ministers of Jharkhand

Chief Ministers of Jharkhand: The state of Jharkhand was established on 15 November 2000. List of all Chief Ministers and their tenure since then. In which three times President’s rule has also been imposed.

Jharkhand CM List

Sl. No.Chief Ministers of JharkhandFromTo
1बाबूलाल मरांडी15 Nov 200017 Mar 2003
2अर्जुन मुंडा18 Mar 20032 Mar 2005
3शिबू सोरेन2 Mar  200512 Mar 2005
4अर्जुन मुंडा12 Mar  200514 Sep  2006
5मधु कोड़ा14 Sep  200623 Aug  2008
6शिबू सोरेन27 Aug  200818 Jan 2009
राष्ट्रपति शासन19 Jan  200929 Dec 2009
7शिबू सोरेन30 Dec  200931 May 2010
राष्ट्रपति शासन1 Jun  201011 Sep 2010
8अर्जुन मुंडा11 Sep  201018 Jan 2013
राष्ट्रपति शासन18 Jan  201312 Jul  2013
9हेमंत सोरेन13 Jul 201323 Dec  2014
10रघुवर दास28 Dec  201423 Dec 2019
11हेमंत सोरेन29 Dec 2019अब तक
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