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How to Embed a PDF in Gmail | Check This Trick

Many cool features make Gmail one of the world’s most popular email providers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are times when you want to do something that isn’t possible natively within the app. Gmail doesn’t allow you to embed PDFs natively as an attachment. However, there are alternative ways to accomplish this. See How to embed a PDF in Gmail.

What are the Benefits of Embedding a PDF in Gmail?

If you’re wondering why you might want to embed a PDF in Gmail, let me explain.

  • There are a few reasons for this. To ensure that the recipient doesn’t miss the PDF attachment, you might want them to see it directly in Gmail. They are more likely to read it if it’s clearly visible.
  • While documents like contracts will almost certainly be downloaded, embedding a PDF in a report or similar document will attract your recipients’ attention.

The following will take you through how to embed a PDF in Gmail:

How to Embed a PDF in Gmail

Step 1. Open your favorite web browser. Afterwards, you’ll need to find a program that converts PDFs into JPEGs. Zamzar is a free tool you can use for this purpose. Try instead Docupub or YouConvertIt if you want to try something else free. We will use Zamzar for this walkthrough.

Step 2. You can upload your PDF to Zamzar. Choose Convert to JPEG, then click Convert Now.

Step 3. The download link will be sent to you soon.

Step 4. Download the converted file to your computer.

Step 5. Access your Gmail account. Adding the image is the next step.

Step 6. You can find it in the bottom ribbon of the Gmail interface.

Step 7. On the Insert photo option, click the 3rd option: Upload.

Step 8. Either drag and drop your new file into the box or click Choose photos to upload.

Step 9. You should now see the PDF (converted into an image) in your email.

Please be aware that this hack does save each page as a separate image because of how it works.

Now that you know how to embed PDFs into Gmail, you can view your important documents.

FAQs For How To Embed a PDF In Gmail or Email?

How do I insert a PDF into the body of an email in Gmail?

You cannot directly embed pdf into Gmail but you can embed pdf by converting it to JPEG and then you will be able to embed it to Gmail.

Can you embed a PDF in an email?

No, there is not an option to embed pdf directly into the body of the email, but it can be converted to a jpeg file then it can be inserted.

Why can’t I send a PDF in Gmail?

Because Gmail has not provided the feature to embed pdf into the body of an email maybe this feature will be launched by Gmail in the future.

Final Words

This article covered how to embed a PDF in Gmail or Email, and I hope you all enjoyed it? Gmail allows embedding JPEG files in emails, but not PDF’s, so we converted the PDF into JPEG.

Using our brain will make everything possible, but avoiding the problems will not help. Thanks a lot for all your love and support in this article. I encourage you to share it with those who don’t know how to embed PDF in email, so that they can benefit from it as well. I will respond to you as soon as possible in the comments if you have any problems with this tutorial.

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