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Aviation Maintenance Acronyms | Aviation Abbreviations

Here is the list of Aviation Maintenance Acronyms. These abbreviations are mostly and closely related to the maintenance of airports, aircraft, and other related aspects of the aviation industry.

Aviation Maintenance Acronyms / AbbreviationDefinition
AASAAgeing Aircraft Structural Audits
ABDRAircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABLAllocated Baseline
ACASAircraft Collision Avoidance System
ADS–BAutomatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast
AEOAuthorised Engineering Organisation
AMAccountable Manager
AMDAircraft Maintenance Documentation
AMOApproved Maintenance Organisation
AMTCAustralian Military Type Certificate
APSAustralian Public Service
ARDUAircraft Research and Development Unit
ARSAutonomous Recovery System
ASDAerospace Systems Division
ASIMPAircraft Structural Integrity Management Plan
ASRAirworthiness Standards Representative
ATRAnnual Technical Review
ATCAir Traffic Control
AvSSAviation Support Systems
AwIPAirworthiness Issue Paper
C2Command and Control
CAMM2Computer Aided Maintenance Management
CARCorrective Action Request
CASACivil Aviation Safety Authority
CASRCivil Aviation Safety Regulation
CBDCertification Basis Description
CFUCarried Forward Unserviceability
CIConfiguration Item
CMConfiguration Management
CMAINTContingency Maintenance
CMPConfiguration Management Plan
COECentre of Expertise
COSCChief of Staff Committee
CREConfiguration, Role and operating Environment
DACPADirector – Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency
DARDesign Acceptance Representative
DEDesign Engineer
DAVCOMPDirectorate of Aviation Compliance
DAVENGDirectorate of Aviation Engineering
DAVREGDirectorate of Aviation Regulation
DGTADirector General Technical Airworthiness
DGTA–ADFDirectorate General Technical Airworthiness–Australian Defence Force
DIDefence Instruction
DMDeeper Maintenance
D,OSDirector, Ordnance Safety
DOSDirectorate of Ordnance Safety
DSDEDeputy Senior Design Engineer
DSNDesign Support Network
DSTODefence Science and Technology Organisation
EAEngineering Authority
EACEngineering Authority Certificate
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency
EMIElectro-magnetic Interference
EMPEngineering Management Plan
EMSEngineering Management System
ESIMPEngine Structural Integrity Management Plan
FAAFederal Aviation Administration (USA)
FARFederal Aviation Regulation
FCAFunctional Configuration Audit
FEGForce Element Group
FMSForeign Military Sales
FSDForeign Source Data
FTSFlight Termination System
GPGeneral Public
GSEGround Support Equipment
HRIHazard Risk Index
IAIncorporation Approval
ILSInstrument Landing System
IRPAInformed Recognition of Prior Acceptance
ISSSPPIn-Service System Safety Program Plan
IV&VIndependent Verification and Validation
JAAJoint Aviation Authority
JARJoint Aviation Requirements (European)
LEALetter of Engineering Authority
MAMaintenance Authority
MACMaintenance Approval Certificate
MCSMaintenance Control Section
MEPMission Essential Personnel
MMMaintenance Manager
MMIMaintenance Managed Item
MMPMaintenance Management Plan
MMSMaintenance Management System
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MSNMaintenance Support Network
MTFMaintenance Test Flight
NAANational Airworthiness Authority
NDTNon Destructive Testing
OAAOperational Airworthiness Authority
OAROperational Airworthiness Regulator
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OMOperational Maintenance
QMQuality Manager
QNP‘barometric pressure adjusted to sea level’
PCAPhysical Configuration Audit
POProject Office
RATORocket Assisted Take–off
RCPRequired Communication Performance
RFDRequest for Deviation
RFTRequest for Tender
RIRepairable Item
RPRemote Pilot
R-PARemotely-piloted Aircraft
SASituational Awareness
SARSafety Assessment Report
SCISSafety Critical Item and System
SCRSafety Case Report
SDESenior Design Engineer
SFPSpecial Flight Permit
SMMSenior Maintenance Manager
SOIStatement of Operating Intent
SORStatement of Requirements
SPOSystems Program Office
SSESystem Safety Engineering
SSGSystem Safety Group
SSMSystem Safety Manager
SSPSystem Safety Program
SSPPSystem Safety Program Plan
STCSupplemental Type Certificate
STISpecial Technical Instruction
TAATechnical Airworthiness Authority
TAACTechnical Airworthiness Advisory Circular
TAAITechnical Airworthiness Alert Information
TADTechnical Airworthiness Directive
TARTechnical Airworthiness Regulator
TAREGTechnical Airworthiness Regulation
TCASTraffic Collision Avoidance System
TEWGTender Evaluation Working Group
TIRTechnical Information Review
TMPTechnical Maintenance Plan
UASUnmanned Aircraft Systems
UASOPUnmanned Aircraft System Operating Permit
UK MoDUnited Kingdom Ministry of Defence
WHSWork Health and Safety
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