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MP3 to Text | Top Free MP3 to Text Converters

By using an MP3 to text converter, you can create a text file from an MP3 file. Transcribing sermons, conferences, interviews, and more with this application is easy. Online converters for converting MP3 to text are available for free. You can easily convert mp3 to text with their convenient service. Such tools are used by companies, individuals, conference organizers, and agents to make their jobs easier. These days, there are advanced digital tools with advanced hi-tech features and functions for converting mp3 to text online. Most online converters aren’t free, and most are available at a cost. Don’t worry if you want to use a free MP3 to text converter online – we have got you covered. We will reveal the 10 best MP3 to text converter tools that are free to use today. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

10 Free Online MP3 to Text Converters – Part 1

If you are looking for an MP3 to text converter online, you should pick one that works efficiently and produces high-quality files. Make sure the program you choose offers easy text editing. This list of 10 free MP3 to text tools will help you find a reliable and easy-to-use free online MP3 to text converter:

1. | veed mp3 to text

The features of go well beyond simply converting MP3 files to text. With this versatile tool, you can record audio and videos in many formats. It allows you to make Instagram stories, YouTube intros, and much more. To automatically transcribe MP3s into text files, we offer Veed’s free, fast, and easy to use transcription tool. In addition to MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, and OGG files are also supported. Cloud servers transcribing and delivering files in seconds. Additionally, it can read and transcribe languages such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and a bunch more. To start the conversion, simply upload your MP3 file!

2. Happyscribe | happyscribe mp3 to text

Perhaps this is not the transcription service you want, but this is what you need. Transcribing at your fingertips has never been easier. A total of 120 languages and dialects are available for you to choose from. You can upload any file from Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox with no file limit. It is possible to choose between ‘machine generated’ and ‘human made’ transcription, the latter providing 99% accuracy since it is proofread by a native speaker for the most accurate results. Using this transcription service, you can export TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML, and many more file types, making your work easier.

3. Amberscript | amberscript mp3 to text

It is an Amsterdam-based transcription service. Automatic transcription, manual transcription, automatic subtitles, and manual subtitles are the 4 basic tools. It is extremely fast and efficient to use an automatic transcription service, however, the most accurate and authentic results are obtained by using a manual transcription service, in which a native language speaker proofreads and edits the transcription. Get an expertly written transcript within 24 hours with this tool. A speech-recognition program that can recognize more than 100 languages handles the heavy lifting. File formats supported include .docx (Word), .txt, .srt, .json, .vtt, or EBU-STL.  

4. Vocalmatic | vocalmatic mp3 to text

We are a professional transcription service for podcasts, journalism, marketing, and sales who need an MP3 to text converter. Text can be generated from MP3, WMA, and WAV. 

With its speech to text AI, you can convert audio and video files into text in minutes. Having over 110 languages to transcribe your text into makes it universal and easily understood by all. The online editor mode with playback controls is one of its unique features. Export the text to Word or text format using this text editor.  

5. 360 Converter | 360 converter mp3

360 Converter is one of the simplest MP3 to text converters available at the moment. It has the easiest user interface with very simple choice formats. Files can be stored locally as well as in cloud storage and the Internet. It can transcribe mp3 files in over 12 languages, and download them as plain text files, Microsoft Word documents, and PDF files. With its automatic transcription software, you can convert your audio or video files to text with great accuracy, making it a must-have for your transcription work. 

6. | quen io mp3

Quen is so much more than a simple MP3 to text converter. 99% of audio and video files can be converted into text within minutes using this software. It supports converting MP3, MP4, WMA, W4A, and MOV formats to text. Its online platform allows you to connect your Zoom account and import your recorded meetings. Meeting notes, Word documents, and PowerPoint files can be uploaded. Qen supports English, Spanish, French, Korean, and German transcription. Additionally, human transcription is available along with A.I. transcription, which is 99% accurate. Free and paid versions are available.

7. Go-transcribe | gotranscribe mp3

With Go-transcribe, you can get accurate transcriptions at an affordable price. The program features advanced transcription powered by artificial intelligence to meet all your transcription needs. It converts audio and video files to text within minutes. Provides accurate automated transcriptions with additional punctuation to improve the readability for customers. It allows you to add custom vocabulary to the dictionary to improve speech recognition while transcribing. Hundreds of languages can be transcribed into text from mp3. Among the most flexible on the market, it supports exporting to SRT, VTT, Word, PDF, and many more formats.

8. Virtual Speech | virtual speech

Virtual speech is an audio to text converter and is one of the simplest transcription services on the market today. This program converts audio files of MP3, WAV or OGG format into text files of Word, Pdf or plain text. The first 60 seconds of files are free; while files over that period are subject to a small fee. After transcription you can open that file on any device. 

9. | sonix ai

Sonix automated transcription services are the most advanced in the industry. Audio and video can be converted to text in minutes. Providing automatic subtitling and automatic translation in over 40 languages, it is one of the most comprehensive transcription services. Transcripts can be edited, played, searched, and organized with Sonix’s in-browser transcription editor. Documents of any type can be converted to transcription. Whatever your needs might be, they’ve got you covered. To drive more customers, you can also share and publish your transcripts using Sonix’s media player. Zoom and Adobe Premiere are compatible, so you can connect whatever tools you need to do your work.  

10. Audext | audext mp3 to text

Audext is an app that creates and saves you time. This app provides fast, accurate, and effective transcription services for many companies and individuals. In order to make it as accessible as possible, MP3, M4A, WAV, and others are supported. The software includes an in-built editor which lets you adjust playback speed, find and replace text, and more. Additionally, speaker identification helps to successfully mark paragraphs and make them more understandable for the customer by identifying who is speaking.

Adding Text to Videos with Wondershare Filmora – Part 2

Wondershare Filmora is the best video editing software to get if you want fast and reliable performance. Wondershare Filmora is video editing software that allows you to edit videos of all kinds. Create videos, tutorials, podcasts, and more with this versatile tool. The program has a very convenient text and subtitles feature that lets you insert text into video files. Check out this subtitle tutorial of Wondershare Filmora if you want to learn how to add subtitles and text to your videos.


Transcribing and typing are no longer required. You can change all audio files into text files using an online MP3 to text converter. Here are ten free tools you can use to use MP3 to text for transcriptions of any kind. Filmora is a program that adds text and subtitles to videos. Easy to use, free, and quick!

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