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What is AU | Astronomical Unit

Astronomical Unit: A Unit of length

The astronomical unit is a unit of length, roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun and equal to about 150 million kilometers or ~8 light minutes. The actual distance varies by about 3% as Earth orbits the Sun, from a maximum to a minimum, and back again once each year. 

Unit system: Astronomical system of units; (Accepted for use with the SI)

astronomical unit: 4.8481×10−6 pc; 1.5813×10−5 ly1 au or AU or AU in: is equal to symbol: au or AU or AU metric (SI) units: 1.495978707×1011 m imperial & US units: 9.2956×107 mi

Astronomical unit
A^3= \frac {G {M_{\odot}} D^2}{k^2}
A=unit distance
G=gravitational constant
M_{\odot}=solar mass
k=numerical value of Gaussian gravitational constant
D=time period of one day

A^3= \frac {G {M_{\odot}} D^2}{k^2}

When is it Au and when is it Aux | French

  • I get that it’s used when you are saying “to the” but can someone clarify what masculine or feminine has to do with it?
  • Au is singular and aux is plural.
  • Also, you only use au for masculine as feminine would just be a la but I don’t why this is.
  • In French there are various ways to say “to the” and they are au, à la, and à l’ when singular. “au” is actually made up of à and le, you use it when talking about a masculine noun or place. For example, “Je vais au brésil”. Brésil is masculine and it is referred to as “le brésil” so when you want to say “I am going to Brazil” you’d say the above.
  • If you wanted to say you’re going to a place that is feminine such as France. You would say “Je vais à la France.” If you wanted to say that you’re going to a place that is masculine but starts with a vowel. You would NOT use “au” you would instead use “à l’ “.
  • Aux is the plural of au. “I am going to the parks” becomes “Je vais aux parcs”.
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