50 Important World Geography Questions Asked in Many Exams

Today we have brought for you the notes of 50 such questions related to world geography, which have been asked in many examinations, please write these questions given below carefully in your notes so that in the upcoming examinations. success can be achieved.

50 World Geography Questions

  1. On which line the length of the earth’s day and night is equal – Equator
  2. What percentage of the total mass of the earth is found in metal – 6%
  3. By which science is the most information about the internal structure of the earth – seismology
  4. Taiga natural region is found in which region of the world – Northern Hemisphere
  5. Which element is predominant in the core of the Earth – Iron and Nickel
  6. Which line is called the line joining the North Pole and the South Pole – Line of Longitude
  7. Which is the largest lake in the continent of Europe – Lake Ledoga
  8. Which continent has the maximum expansion in the plains of the world – Europe
  9. In which continent the maximum expansion of tropical conditions is found – Africa
  10. Which is the highest mountain peak of the continent of South America – Mount Aconcagua
  11. Which is the largest lake in the continent of Asia – Caspian Sea
  12. Which continent is called “plateau continent” – Africa
  13. Which planet has the highest average density – Earth
  14. In which region the midnight sun is visible – arctic region
  15. What is the approximate surface temperature in the Sun – 6000 degree Celsius
  16. What are the lines joining places of equal snowfall called – Eisenif
  17. Which instrument is used to measure distances on maps – Opisometer
  18. What is the circumference of the earth – 40,075 km
  19. What is the reason for having day and night – Earth’s rotation on its axis
  20. What does the seismograph record – Earthquake intensity
  21. Who is called the father of human geography – Carl Ritter
  22. Which instrument is used to measure the required humidity in air – Hygrometer
  23. Which person is called the father of green in agriculture – Norman E. Borlaug
  24. Which climatic region of the world is famous for the production of fruits and wine – Mediterranean
  25. Which tribe people live in Tundra region – Eskimo tribe
  26. Which is the largest paper producing taiga region in the world – Canada
  27. Who first used the word Geographica in geography – Eratosthenes
  28. Which country produces about 80% of the total rubber production itself – Thailand and Malaysia
  29. Which country is the largest producer of maize in the world – United Nations America
  30. Which is the coldest desert in the world – Gobi
  31. Which is the largest desert of South Asia – Thar
  32. The longest mountain range in the world is Kapoon Si – Andes
  33. Which is the highest plateau in the world – Plateau of Tibet
  34. In which South American country is the Atacama Desert located – Chile
  35. Where is the most awakened volcano in the world located – around the Pacific Ocean
  36. Which is the world’s widest river – Amazon
  37. In which natural region coniferous forest or angle-stripe forest is found – Taiga region
  38. Which natural region has the highest diversity of flora – Equatorial region
  39. In which natural region the highest daily temperature is found – Tropical desert region
  40. Rubber is the product of which natural region – Equatorial region
  41. In which natural region the industry of making wine from grapes is famous – Mediterranean region
  42. On what percentage of the Earth’s surface, the expansion of continents is found – 2 percent
  43. Which continent is called white continent – ​​Antarctica
  44. Fujiyama is the volcanic mountain of which country – Japan
  45. Which continent does not have a single volcano – Australia
  46. ​​Which is the world’s most active volcano – Kilauea
  47. Which river crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice – Limpopo
  48. In which country is the dead volcano Kilimanjaro located – Tanzania
  49. Which is the most volcanic region of the world – Philippine Islands
  50. The place where earthquake is experienced is called what – earthquake epicenter
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