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50 Important Questions on Indus Valley Civilization

Today we have brought for you very important Indus Civilization facts which have been asked mostly in SSC, BANK, IAS, PCS, RLY, and many more one day exams, there are total 50 important questions here at one place. It has been kept in the book, which would be better if you write it down in your notes, then remember the 50 most questions given below by the Indus Civilization Harappa Society carefully and get success in getting high marks in the upcoming examination.

Indus Valley Civilization GK Questions

  1. How far was the ancient Indus civilization – Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Sindh and Balochistan
  2. Harappa Society In which classes was the Harappa society divided – scholars, warriors, traders and workers
  3. What was the shape of the entire area of ​​Harappan Civilization – Triangular
  4. In ancient history, from which place the brick decoration of Sendhav civilization has been found – Kalibanga
  5. What was the main occupation of the people of Indus Civilization – Business
  6. Sindhu Civilization In ancient history, the houses of the Indus civilization were made from – Brick
  7. The Harappans were the first to produce which item – Cotton
  8. What was mainly used in the manufacture of Harappa’s coins – Terracotta Teracotta
  9. What was the most appropriate name of Indus civilization – Harappa civilization Harappa civilization
  10. In which year Harappa Civilization Harappa Civilization was discovered – Year 1921
  11. Harappa Civilization Social Pattern of the People of Harappa Civilization – Fair Egalitarianism
  12. In which province the largest number of Harappan sites were discovered in India before independence – Gujrat Gujarat
  13. Where is the great bath found in the ancient Indus Civilization Sindhu Civilisataion – Mohenjodaro
  14. What kind of colors are commonly used in Harappan pottery – Red
  15. Mohanjodado Mohenjodaro is known by what other name in ancient history – Mound of the Dead
  16. What was the method adopted by the Harappans of the ancient Indus civilization for the arrangement of their cities and houses – Grid System Grid System
  17. Which animals have been marked in the Pashupati Shiva etc. Shiva seal obtained from Mohenjodaro – tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo and deer
  18. Mohanjodado Who is considered the biggest building of Mohenjodaro – Huge granary / Grain Kothar Harappa Seals
  19. From which Harappan period the priest got the stone idol – Harappa
  20. Bronze statue of a woman with a dancing posture has been found from which Harappa Civilization site – Mohenjodaro
  21. On the banks of which river is the Harappan site Ropar situated – Sutlej
  22. In ancient history Sindhu Valley What did the people of Indus Valley believe in – Matrishakti
  23. From which Indus site in ancient history, the footprints of a dog chasing a cat on a brick have been found – Chunhudaro
  24. From which place the evidence of Harappan civilization’s cultivated field has been found – Kalibangan
  25. Where is Mohenjodaro Mohnjodado located – Sindh Pakistan
  26. What metals were used by the Harappans – gold, silver, copper
  27. In the developed stage of the Indus Valley Civilization, from which site the remains of houses have been found – Mohenjodaro
  28. Which is the easternmost site of Harappa civilization – Alamgir
  29. What is the main source of information about Harappa culture – Archaeological excavations
  30. To whom is the Indus civilization related – from the proto-historic era
  31. Ancient Indus Valley Civilization What is the Sindhu Indus Valley called at present? Harappa Civilization.
  32. How long was the period of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization Sindhu Indus Valley? – 2500 BC to 1500 BC
  33. What is the ancient Indus Valley Civilization called? – Urban Civilization.
  34. On which rivers did the ancient Indus Valley Civilization develop? – On the banks of the Indus and its tributaries
  35. On the bank of which river was the ancient Harappan city situated? – Of river Ravi.
  36. Where were the ancient Harappans native? – Phoenicia
  37. Which was the main port of ancient Indus Valley Civilization – Lothal port
  38. Whom did the ancient Indus people worship? Mother Goddess and Shivling
  39. Which animal was considered sacred by the ancient Indus people? – bull
  40. Which animals have been depicted in ancient Harappan seals and clay artifacts – elephant, tiger, deer, rhinoceros and buffalo
  41. What is the major difference between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Vedic Civilization – the first was urban, while the second was rural
  42. Huge Pantry grain storage Huge Pantry grain storage The place of huge storage of Harappan civilization is found – Mohenjodaro
  43. What was the main occupation of the people who got the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization – Agriculture
  44. Harappa Civilization Which site of Harappa civilization is not located in India – Balakot
  45. What did the Harappan people not know about the Harappa civilization – Iron
  46. Due to whose evidence the Indus Valley Civilization is called Pre-Aryan Civilization – Utensils
  47. Which Harappan site was first discovered in ancient history – Harappa
  48. Which is the downfall city of Indus civilization in ancient history – Lothal
  49. Indus Valley site Kalibanga Kalibanga is located in which state – Rajasthan

You have seen that whatever questions have been given here, they have all been asked in one or the other examination, many questions from the civilization of the Indus Valley are disturbed by asking many times in examinations. Share also so that anyone else can get good information

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