Famous Indian Personalities, Birth Dates & More

Below is a list of famous and great Indians along with their dates of birth and deaths. Additionally, their most notable accomplishments are also mentioned. The famous people list includes kings, political leaders, spiritual leaders, freedom fighters, actors, authors, literary and cultural giants, and sports figures.

NameBirth DateDemise Known For
Chandragupta Maurya340BC298BCFounder of the Mauryan Empire
Ashoka304BC232BCMost powerful Indian ruler of all time
Samudragupta335AD380ADNapoleon of India, king of the Gupta dynasty
Prithviraj Chauhan1148AD1192ADRuler of Ajmed and Delhi in the Rajput dynasty
Guru Nanak15th April 146922nd September 1539The religion of Sikhism founded by Guru Nanak
Babur14th February 148326th December 1530India’s first Mughal emperor
Akbar14th October 154227th October 1605Mughal dynasty’s most powerful ruler
Jahangir20th September 15698th November 1627Sultan of the Mughal dynasty
Shah Jahan5th January 159222nd January 1666Mughal dynasty ruler
Aurangzeb4th November 16183rd March 1707A Mughal dynasty sultan
Shivaji19th February 16273rd April 1680Maratha Empire founder
Tipu Sultan20th November 17504th May 1799The ruler of the kingdom of Mysore
Mirza Ghalib27th December 179715th February 1869During the late Mughal period, he was a famous poet
Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati12th February 182430th October 1883Religion leader in Hinduism
Dadabhai Naoroji4th September 182530th June 1917The first Indian member of the British Parliament
Mangal Pandey19th July 18278th April 1857In 1857, his death was the first martyr in the Sepoy Mutiny
Rani Lakshmi Bai19th November 182818th June 1858During the Indian rebellion of 1857, Raja of Jhansi led the rebellion
Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata3rd March 183919th May 1904Founding member of the TATA Group
Bal Gangadhar Tilak23rd July 18561st August 1920Founder of the Indian Independence Movement and social reformer
Motilal Nehru6th May 18616th February 1931An Indian Congress president twice and a lawyer
Rabindranath Tagore7th May 18617th August 1941Known for his literature and poetry, as well as being the first Asian to receive the Nobel Prize
Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya25th December 186112th November 1946Founder of Banaras Hindu University and leader of India’s independence movement
Lala Lajpat Rai28th January 186517th November 1928Leader of the Indian Independence Movement and known as Punjab Kesari
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi2nd October 186930th January 1948The Father of the Nation
Sri Aurobindo15th August 18725th December 1950Spiritual leader and freedom fighter from India
Vallabhbhai Patel31st October 187515th December 1950First Indian Home Minister and leader of the Indian Independence Movement
Sarojini Naidu13th February 18792nd March 1949First Governor of India and Nightingale of India
Munshi Premchand31st July 18808th October 1936Hindi language writer famous in India
Rajendra Prasad3rd December 188428th February 1963India’s first president
Maulana Azad11th November 188822nd February 1958First Indian Minister of Education
Jawaharlal Nehru14th November 188927th May 1964First Prime Minister of India
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar14th April 18916th December 1956Indian Constitution’s chief architect
Subhas Chandra Bose23rd January 18971945Founder of the Indian National Army and a prominent figure in the Indian Independence Movement
Jayaprakash Narayan11th October 19028th October 1979A prominent Indian social leader known as Loknayak
J. R. D. Tata29th July 190429th November 1993An ex-Chairman of TATA Group
Lal Bahadur Shastri2nd October 190411th January 1966India’s second prime minister
Bhagat Singh28th September 190723rd March 1931Independence movement revolutionaries in India
Homi J. Bhabha30th October 190924th January 1966Tata Institute of Fundamental Research founder and father of Indian nuclear program
Mother Teresa26th August 19105th September 1997Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Jyoti Basu8th July 191417th January 2010He is the longest serving chief minister of any state in India, having served five terms as chief minister of West Bengal
M.S. Subbulakshmi16th September 191611th December 2004Bharat Ratna winner and renowned carnatic vocalist
Indira Gandhi19th November 191731st October 1984First female Prime Minister of India
Vikram Sarabhai21st August 191931st December 1971Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization and founder of the Indian Space Program
Amrita Pritam31st August 191931st October 2005Poet and writer of Punjabi origin
Satyajit Ray2nd May 192123rd April 1992Writer, producer, director of acclaimed films
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi4th February 192224th January 2011Bharat Ratna-winning Indian vocalist
Lata Mangeshkar28th September 1929NALegendary Indian singer
Dhirubhai Ambani28th December 19326th July 2002The founder of the Reliance Group
Amartya Sen3rd November 1933NANobel Prize-winning Indian economist
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