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How to Write a Federal Resume – 9 Tips from the Pros

A resume for USA Jobs can be challenging to write when you’re applying for a federal government job. In contrast to a typical civilian resume, a government resume requires special formatting and keywords. Drafting a federal resume can be confusing if you’ve never been through the process. You might miss out on your dream government position if your resume isn’t updated. Find out how to draft a resume that’s above the competition by working with a master resume writer from Here are 9 tips for writing a great USA Jobs resume.

Do the basic research for the role

When writing your resume, you should take the time to review job postings. Education, previous experience, and background clearance are some of the required qualifications for the job.

Identify qualification requirements

Analyze your qualifications honestly and thoroughly for the position. Do you possess the skills and experience required? How will your background check turn out? Can you work the hours and location required by the company? Write a resume if you can.  

Adapt your resume based on the job 

Use a different resume for each government position. A new resume can be written for the position you are applying for if you have a federal resume or one you have written for another job.  Make sure you match the language and skills of the job description so that the hiring manager can tell that you carefully reviewed the requirements and job description. 

Include keywords

In order to land an interview, you must include relevant keywords in your resume. This is how you can stand out from the rest of the applicants. If your resume lacks keyword content, hiring managers may overlook it. When you include the appropriate keywords throughout the document, however, you stand out as a desirable candidate. 

Core competencies are of the utmost importance

Put the emphasis on how you meet the core competencies and qualifications of the job on your federal resume. Ensure that you understand the requirements outlined in the job posting and that you highlight how you meet them. 

Make Your Resume Look Good

When you select a well-organized format for your resume, the hiring team can quickly and easily read your details. The order of your information should be chronological or functional, or a combination of both, depending on the job you’re applying for. 

Quantitative Data Should Be Used

To illustrate your accomplishments, whenever possible, use numerical data, such as a percentage, dollar amount, or number. Numbers are a concise summary of your career accomplishments that can be seen at a glance by hiring personnel. 

Put an emphasis on experience

Getting a job with the federal government requires a significant amount of experience. For each of your previous jobs, include the dates, hours, and level of experience you gained, as well as the tasks you performed. Remember to include the experience you have gained from volunteering or working for community organizations. 

If you are applying for a job with the federal government, you should emphasize you are relevant skill set. The length of a government resume can range from four to five pages, so it’s important to convey your skills in a concise, yet effective, manner. Hiring agencies will then notice what you’re capable of immediately. In your resume, you must state all the relevant experience and qualifications you possess. Hopefully, this guide will help you create the best federal resume and achieve the government job you deserve.

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