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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – Week 2, 2021

Current Affairs from the field of banking and finance are constantly asked in banking exams. With IBPS and SBI PO mains exams are on the way candidates need to practice and revise current affairs in a daily basis. Here are the top weekly current affairs questions and their answers. Comment the number of questions you got right. All the best.

ADB, India signed $100 million sovereign loan to upgrade Bengaluru’s power distribution system recently. How much loan was offered without sovereign guarantee in the same MoU?

A             $50 million       

B             $70 million       

C             $90 million      

D            $80 million       

E             $75 million       

Foreign investment beyond _______ percentage has been permitted through government approval route in Defence sector.

A            74         

B             68         

C             49         

D            52         

E             83         

Where is Mathikettan Shola National Park situated?

A             Karnataka        

B             Tamil Nadu      

C             Kerala

D            Andhra Pradesh            

E             Telangana

ASBA is a mechanism which helps investors to subscribe Initial Public offerings. What does “B” represent in the abbreviation of “ASBA”?

A             Blockchain       

B             Banking             

C             Blocked             

D            Bancassurance              

E             Beneficiary      

With which sport is Michael Kindo, who passed away recently, associated with?

A             Football             

B             Wrestling         

C             Hockey

D            Badminton       

E             None of the above        

Where was the first Khelo India Sports School in North East approved?

A             Nagaland          

B             Assam

C             Manipur            

D            Meghalaya      

E             Arunachal Pradesh      

Who was elected as the All India Chess Federation president recently?

A             Bharat Singh Chauhan

B             Venketrama Raja         

C             Sanjay Kapoor

D            Naresh Sharma              

E             Kishore Bandekar        

International President’s Award is presented in which field?

A             Politics

B             Social Service 

C             Medicine           

D            Sports 

E             Environment  

The ________ scientific expedition to Antarctica is set to leave on January 5,2021.

A             41st     

B             39th    

C             42nd    

D            40th    

E             43rd    

Which country recently has bought rice from India for the first time in decades?

A             Philippines       

B             Vietnam           

C             China  

D            Indonesia          

E             Thailand

Which 2-wheeler company recently crossed market capitalisation of Rs.1 Lakh crore?

A             Hero Motocorp             

B             TVS Motor       

C             India Yamaha Motors 

D            Bajaj Auto       

E             Honda Motorcycle & Scooter

Who became the first head of Human Rights Cell of Indian Army?

A            Major General Gautam Chauhan        

B             Admiral Rajat Datta    

C             Lt General Arun Desai

D            Lt General Chandan Rawat     

E             Vice Admiral Sandeep Naithani

Lt Gen Shantanu Dayal took charge as Deputy Chief of Army Staff recently. Who is the Chief of Army Staff?

A             Karambir Singh              

B             Ram Dass Katari           

C             Birender Singh Dhanoa             

D            Manoj Mukund Naravane      

E             Bipin Rawat    

Union Petroleum Minister Pradhan flagged off equipment for Indian Oil’s MEG(mono-ethylene glycol)Plant recently. Where is the plant located?

A             Gujarat              

B             Uttar Pradesh

C             Odisha

D            Tamil Nadu      

E             West Bengal

What is the purpose of the $5 million project signed between West Bengal government, GoI and World Bank?

A             Improve power systems           

B             Improve roadways      

C             Improve metro rail connectivity           

D            Improve waterways   

E             Improve sanitation

Indian economy is expected to contract by 9.6% in FY21 as per Global Economic Prospects Report. Who publishes this report?

A             IMF      

B             RBI       

C             World Bank    

D            UNCTAD          

E             WTO   

What is the name of the hackathon launched recently to promote manufacturing of indigenous toys?

A            Toycathon       

B             Toy Hackathon              

C             Inditoycathon

D            Inditoys Hackathon    

E             Indian Toykathon

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum is located in which of the following Indian cities?

A             Thiruvananthapuram 

B             Kolkata             

C             Hyderabad       

D            Bengaluru        

E             Delhi   

Why did DRDO sign an MoU with MAHA-METRO recently?

A            Aid in human waste treatment            

B             Aid in wastewater treatment 

C             Assist in solar panel installation           

D            Help with minimising cleaning time    

E             None of the above.

Who is the head of the new high level committee formed for South Asia Energy security?

A             Dharmendra Pradhan

B             Hardeep Singh Puri      

C             Ram Vinay Shahi         

D            Shri Sanjiv Nandan Sahai          

E             Raj Kumar Singh

World’s largest floating solar project is to be built on the Omkareshwar dam. On which river is the dam located?

A             Tapi     

B             Narmada          

C             Krishna              

D            Mahanadi         

E             Godavari           

RBI recently announced LEI is mandatory for large value transactions from April. What does L stand for in LEI?

A             Large  

B             Licence              

C             Leverage          

D            Legal   

E             Lender

What are the ATMs that are set up, owned and operated by non-banks called as?

A             Red Label ATM              

B             Brown Label ATM        

C             Pink Label ATM             

D            Green Label ATM         

E             White Label ATM

RBI operationalised PIDF scheme recently. Who is the chairman of the advisory council as per the guidelines?

A             MK Jain             

B             MD Patra          

C             Shaktikanta Das           

D            BP Kanungo   

E             Nirmala Sitharaman   

CMS Info Systems is to set up 3,000 ATMs by March for SBI. What type of ATMs are these?

A             Red Label ATM              

B             Brown Label ATM       

C             Black Label ATM          

D            Green Label ATM         

E             White Label ATM

RBI is bound to maintain reserve against the notes issued by it. This system is known as-

A            Minimum Reserve System     

B             Minimum Rectification System             

C             Proportional Reserve System

D            Proportional Rectification System      

E             None of the above        

Delhi govt set up an academy to promote which South Indian language and culture, recently?

A             Kannada            

B             Telugu

C             Malayalam       

D            Tamil  

E             Both B and C   

Which state government launched ‘Launch Pad Scheme’ to make youth self-reliant?

A             Odisha

B             Bihar   

C             Rajasthan         

D            Andhra Pradesh            

E             Madhya Pradesh         

Which among the following theory in classical economics states that production is the source of demand?

A             Dynamic Consistency

B             Rubinomics concept    

C             Laissez Faire   

D            Say’s law           

E             Tragedy of the Commons

SMCB became the first urban cooperative bank to transition to small finance bank. Where is SMCB headquartered?

A             Bihar   

B             Gujarat              

C             Rajasthan         

D            Uttar Pradesh

E             Madhya Pradesh          

With which country did India sign an Memorandum of Cooperation on Partnership in “Specified Skilled Worker”?

A             Germany           

B             Japan  

C             Maldives           

D            Australia           

E             UAE     

What is the loan amount under the NDB, Government pact for State Highway & District Road Network in Andhra Pradesh?

A             $323 million    

B             $646 million   

C             $.323 billion    

D            $64.6 million   

E             None of the above

The unconventional method adopted by central bank to purchase government /other securities from the market in order to increase the money supply and thus encourage lending and investment is called as?

A             Perfect competition    

B             Monopoly act 

C             Quantitative easing   

D            Moral hazard  

E             Fallout risk

With which paramilitary force did KVIC sign MoU to supply 1.72 lakh cotton durries annually?

A            ITBP    

B             CISF    

C             CRPF  

D            BSF      

E             Assam Rifles

As part of which Project did Indian Air Force enter into an academic collaboration with Institute of Defence Studies and Research (IDSR), Gujarat University?

A             Gagandeep      

B             Meghdeep        

C             Akashdeep      

D            Gyandeep         

E             Udaandeep      

Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh were rewarded by Finance Ministry for completing three of four citizen centric norms recently. Which of the following is not among the four norms stipulated by the Ministry?

A             One Nation, One Ration Card Reforms

B             Digital Ecosystem Reforms    

C             Ease of Doing Business Reforms          

D            Urban Local Bodies Reforms  

E             Power Sector Reforms              

Rupee-denominated borrowings issued by Indian entities in overseas markets are known as?

A             Debenture bond            

B             Venture Capital            

C             Municipal bonds            

D            Zero coupon bond        

E             Masala bonds

RBI fully operationalised College of Supervisors(CoS) recently. Who was appointed as the director of CoS?

A             N S Viswanathan          

B             Shaktikanta Das           

C             Rabi Narayan Mishra

D            Arijit Basu        

E             Paresh Sukthankar

Which 3rd largest PSB in India signed MoU with SIDBI to support its MSME enterprises for submission of their loan restructuring proposal recently?

A             Indian Bank     

B             Central Bank of India  

C             SBI       

D            Bank of Baroda             

E             Punjab National Bank

Where is the newly inaugurated New Rewari-New Madar section of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor located?

A             Haryana            

B             Rajasthan         

C             Gujarat              

D            1 and 2

E             2 and 3

Which of the following bank is the biggest sponsor of Regional Rural Banks functioning in India?

A            State Bank of India     

B             Canara Bank   

C             Union Bank of India     

D            Punjab National Bank

E             Bank of Maharashtra 

Central African Republic president Touadera won the reelection recently. What is the capital of Central African Republic?

A             Brazzaville       

B             Bamako             

C             Bangui

D            Benin  

E             Bujumbura       

According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual list of top donations for 2020, who made the single largest donation?

A             Mark Zuckerberg         

B             Jeff Bezos        

C             Phil Knight       

D            Fred Kummer 

E             Arthur Blank   

Abhishek Yadav was appointed as the first Deputy General Secretary of which of the following sports federation?

A             Chess  

B             Football            

C             Boxing

D            Table Tennis   

E             Amateur Baseball

Which bank signed an MoU with Indian Army to provide Shaurya Salary Account?

A             Bank of Baroda              

B             Yes Bank           

C             Ujjivan Small Finance Bank     

D            Bandhan Bank

E             Bank of India

Which state/UT launched the Satark Nagrik mobile app with relation to corruption?

A             Uttar Pradesh

B             West Bengal   

C             Jammu and Kashmir  

D            Bihar   

E             Delhi   

Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia was appointed as the Chief Justice of which state’s High Court?

A             Odisha

B             Uttarakhand   

C             Andhra Pradesh            

D            Tripura

E             Assam

Who announced the liberalised Authorised Economic Operator(AEO) Package for MSMEs recently?

A             NSICL 

B             DG of Export Promotion           

C             CBITC

D            Reserve Bank of India

E             Directorate of MSME

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of all finished goods and services made within a country during a specific period. Which among the following calculates GDP in India?

A             Reserve Bank of India

B             Finance ministry           

C             Central Statistical Organization         

D            NIBM  

E             Indian Banks Association

Centre has decided to form a committee under Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy to protect language & culture of which state/UT?

A            Ladakh

B             Jammu & Kashmir        

C             Andhra Pradesh            

D            Telangana        

E             Andaman & Nicobar    

What is the real GDP contraction of India for FY21 according to first advance estimate released by National Statistical Office?

A             3.4%    

B             4%        

C             5.6%    

D            7.7%    

E             12.4% 

Justice Hima Kohli became the first woman Chief Justice of which state/UT’s high court?

A            Telangana       

B             Jammu & Kashmir        

C             Assam

D            Arunachal Pradesh      

E             Goa      

The Non-Banking Financial Company – Peer to Peer Lending Platform shall maintain a Leverage Ratio not exceeding _____

A             1            

B             2            

C             3            

D            4            

E             5

World’s oldest living first-class cricketer Alan Burgess who passed away recently, represented which country?

A             England             

B             Australia           

C             New Zealand  

D            West Indies     

E             South Africa    

With which IIT did PNB collaborate to set up Fintech Innovation Centre?

A            Kanpur              

B             Delhi   

C             Mumbai             

D            Indore 

E             Kharagpur        

IRDAI asked insurers to offer standard products for fire, allied peril from April 1. How many products are being offered ?

A             2            

B             4            

C             5            

D            3            

E             1

The situation when increased interest rates lead to reduction in private investment spending such that it dampens the initial increase of total investment spending is called as?

A             Core inflation 

B             Contagion        

C             Depression      

D            Fallout risk      

E             Crowding out effect   

Which state recently became the third one to complete the Urban Local Bodies reforms stipulated by the Union finance ministry and get additional borrowing permission of Rs. 2,508 crore?

A             Madhya Pradesh          

B             Andhra Pradesh            

C             Telangana       

D            Tamil Nadu      

E             Kerala

Caracal was recently added to the critically endangered species recovery programme. How many species are there on the list now?

A             21         

B             23         

C             25         

D            22         

E             24         

Who overtook Warren Buffet to become the sixth richest person according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index recently?

A             Sergey Brin      

B             Zhong Shanshan          

C             Bill Gates          

D            Larry Page       

E             Jack Ma

Which bond is considered to be a restricted asset of a corporation that was required to set aside money for redeeming or buying back some of its payable bonds?

A             Callable bond  

B             Puttable bond 

C             Sinking fund bond       

D            Zero coupon bond        

E             Convertible bond

Rajnath Singh launched an online portal for items to be purchased against firm demand from CSD. The portal was developed by __________.

A            National Informatics Cell        

B             Defence Cyber Agency              

C             CERT – IND      

D            Department of Expenditure   

E             Ministry of Defence    

The Reserve Bank of India recently announced to conduct Variable Rate Reverse Repo auction for a notified amount of how much rupees?

A             ₹ 3 Lakh Crores             

B             ₹ 1 Lakh Crore

C             2 Lakh Crore

D            ₹ 5 Lakh Crore

E             ₹ 1.5 Lakh Crore

The CEO of National Reconstruction Authority handed over a cheque of NR 306 million for the reconstruction of educational institutions in which of the following countries?

A             Bangladesh     

B             Sri Lanka           

C             Chile    

D            Nepal  

E             Afghanistan

Krishi Sanjeevani vans were recently launched in which of the following Indian state?

A             Punjab

B             Uttar Pradesh

C             Karnataka       

D            Kerala

E             Haryana            

The Chief Minister of Gujarat announced to create new Bagasara Prant in which of the following district?

A             Ahmedabad     

B             Amreli

C             Anand 

D            Bhavnagar       

E             Botad  

Which of the following country recently announced to create wooden satellites to cut down on space debris?

A             The United States        

B             India    

C             China  

D            Russia

E             Japan

Which edition of Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Day was celebrated on 9th January 2021?

A             1st        

B             16th    

C             15th    

D            50th    

E             23rd    

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited recently signed an MoU with which of the organisation for providing its technical expertise in developing renewable energy projects?

A             NTPC Limited

B             NHPC Limited

C             Power Grid Corporation           

D            Oil and Natural Gas Corporation         

E             GAIL Limited  

‘Protect a Smile’ in news recently is an initiative of which of the following company?

A             Life Insurance Corporation     

B             ICICI Lombard

C             Max Life Insurance     

D            Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance     

E             United India Insurance

Satya Paul who passed away recently was a _________.

A             Filmmaker       

B             Politician          

C             Actor   

D            Fashion Designer        

E             Freedom Fighter          

Madhavsinh Solanki passed away recently. He was the former CM of which of the following state?

A            Gujarat              

B             Assam

C             Chhattisgarh  

D            Jharkhand        

E             Karnataka        

Chitra Ghosh passed away recently. She was associated with which of the following profession?

A             Singing

B             Choreography

C             Photography   

D            Teaching          

E             Medicine           

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) could be a numeric address whose bits are separated by _________.

A             Commas            

B             Dots    

C             Semi-colons     

D            Colons

E             Exclamatory Marks

What is the constituency of the Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey?

A             Rajya Sabha (U.P)         

B             Mumbai, Maharashtra

C             Chandauli, UP

D            Begusarai, Bihar           

E             Khunti, Jharkhand       

Where is Mathikettan Shola National Park located?

A             Haryana            

B             Jharkhand        

C             Odisha

D            Arunachal Pradesh      

E             Kerala

Where is the headquarters of Bandhan Bank located?

A            Kolkata             

B             Mumbai             

C             Chennai             

D            New Delhi        

E             Nashik

Name India’s first indigenously developed DNA vaccine candidate against COVID-19?

A             Covaxin             

B             ZyCoV-D          

C             Sputnik              

D            Covishield        

E             COVIDX21      

World Braille Day is observed every year on______________________________.

A             2 January          

B             1 January          

C             3 January          

D            4 January         

E             5 January          

Recently, Indian Army to deploy fully-armed indigenous boats at Pangong lake. This Lake situated in_____________________________.

A            Ladakh

B             Assam

C             Jammu&Kashmir         

D            Manipur            

E             Arunachal Pradesh      

Shri Radha Krishna Mathur incumbent Lieutenant Governor of ______________________.

A             Lakshadweep 

B             Puducherry      

C             Ladakh

D            Jammu & Kashmir       

E             None of the above

CriSidEx, India’s first sentiment index developed jointly by CRISIL and SIDBI is associated with which of the following one?

A             Insurance         

B             Infrastructure

C             Real estate      

D            MSMEs              

E             Stocks value    

The Enterprise business system (EBS) is being implemented at five major ports with a project cost of about Rs 320cr. Which of the following port is not a part of this project?

A             Deendayal port             

B             Paradip Port    

C             Haldia port       

D            Chennai Port   

E             None of the above      

Which among the following one is initiated Marketing & Logistics intervention for promoting products of North – East in collaboration with DoNER and India Post

A             SIDBI  

B             BIRAC

C             TRIFED              

D            RBI       

E             NABARD

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index 2021, Who is the richest person in Asia?

A             Mukesh Ambani            

B             Jack Ma             

C             Hui Ka Yan       

D            Zhong Shanshan          

E             Ma Huateng    

____________________bags over Rs 7,000 crore order from HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Project at Barmer.

A             Reliance Industries Ltd             

B             Adani groups   

C             L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering            

D            Hindustan Lever Limited.         

E             GMR groups    

What is the capital of Cuba?

A             Abuja  

B             Pristina              

C             Accra  

D            Asmara              

E             Havana              

Prime Minister will dedicate National Atomic Timescale at the National Metrology Conclave.The National Atomic Timescale generates Indian Standard Time with an accuracy of _________________________.

A             1.5 nano seconds          

B             2.8 nano seconds         

C             3.5 nano seconds          

D            4.5 nano seconds          

E             7.2 nano seconds          

Who is the largest issuer of debt issuing Treasury bills, notes, and bonds, which have durations to maturity of anywhere from one month to 30 years?

A            Government  

B             MSME

C             SEBI    

D            Commercial banks       

E             All of the above              

As of 4 Jan 2021. Who is the Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers?

A             Nirmala Sitharaman   

B             Subrahmanyam Jaishankar     

C             D.V. Sadananda Gowda           

D            Arjun Munda   

E             Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Which of the following one is not included as a financial services in India?

A             Banking Services          

B             Insurance Services      

C             Investment Services   

D            Foreign Exchange Services     

E             All of the above

Recently, Indian Air Force choppers, NDRF teams, forest and police personnel tried to extinguish the wildfire in the Dzukou range. This Dzukou range situated in _________________________________.

A             Assam

B             Nagaland         

C             Tripura

D            Manipur            

E             Arunachal Pradesh      

Recently, which of the following successfully test-fired the indigenously developed weapons rocket system with a maximum range of 140 km?

A             India    

B             Pakistan           

C             China  

D            Bangladesh     

E             Nepal  

According to IHS Markit, Indian economy is expected to rebound with how much per cent growth in fiscal 2022?

A             7.7        

B             5.4        

C             7.8        

D            8.9        

E             6.8

Who among the following has been appointed as the first Chief Information Officer of the US Army?

A            Raj Iyer              

B             Suman Iyer       

C             Vignesh Iyer    

D            Madhavi Iyer  

E             None of the above

Sumona Guha has been appointed as the Senior Director of _____________ by the Joe Biden transition administration.

A             Central Asia    

B             South Asia       

C             Eurasia

D            Western Europe           

E             USAID

Japan recently committed how much amount as support for India’s COVID relief efforts?

A             ₹4,113 Crores

B             ₹ 1,113 Crores

C             ₹ 5,113 Crores

D            ₹ 3,113 Crores

E             2,113 Crores

The _______ edition of the Kolkata International Film Festival was held in West Bengal recently.

A             24th    

B             25th    

C             26th    

D            27th    

E             28th

The Government of India recently clears eight hydropower projects on which of the following rivers of Ladakh?

A             Suru     

B             Indus  

C             Chip Chap         

D            Shingo

E             Stod     

Right Under our Nose is a novel written by who among the following?

A             S Vaitheeswaran          

B             R Giridharan  

C             P Ganeshan     

D            T Ramachandran          

E             N Radhakrishnan         

Who recently became the first female match official in men’s Test match?

A             Ellyse Perry     

B             Mithali Raj       

C             Claire Polosak

D            Meg Lanning   

E             Sana Mir

K K Ramachandran who passed away recently was a ___________.

A            Politician          

B             Fashion Designer         

C             Director            

D            Sportsman       

E             Actor   

Which of the following is the smallest high-speed storage area in the CPU?

A             Cache 

B             Cookies             

C             Control Unit    

D            Register            

E             Arithmetic Logic Unit

Which of the following core app of Microsoft includes an e-mail client, calendar, task manager and address book?

A             MS PowerPoint             

B             MS One Note  

C             MS Team           

D            MS Visio            

E             MS Outlook    

Which of the following is an example of a wired Personal Area Network (PAN)?

A             Bluetooth         

B             ZigBee

C             Universal Serial Bus   

D            UWB   

E             None of these 

Where is the headquarters of IndusInd bank located?

A             Mumbai             

B             Pune   

C             Chennai             

D            Kolkata              

E             Delhi   

Which of the following celebrates the Cherry Blossom Mao festival?

A             Mizoram           

B             Manipur           

C             Meghalaya       

D            Nagaland          

E             Sikkim

What is the currency of Japan?

A             Japanese Dollar            

B             Renminbi          

C             Japanese Pound            

D            Yen      

E             Won     

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ईएसआईसी यूडीसी बनाम एसबीआई क्लर्क – पूर्ण तुलना

Table of Contents Show ईएसआईसी यूडीसी बनाम एसबीआई क्लर्क पात्रता मानदंडशैक्षिक योग्यताआयु सीमाआयु में छूटईएसआईसी यूडीसी बनाम एसबीआई … Read more