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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz Week 7,2021

Here is the weekly current affairs quiz for week 07 of 2021. Take the quiz to stay ahead in the fields of banking, finance, industry, sports, home affairs.

Where has been India’s first geothermal power project has been proposed to be established?

A            Ladakh

B             Jammu & Kashmir        

C             West Bengal   

D            Assam

E             Tamil Nadu      

Which of the following banks from India signed an MoU with MUFG Bank for collaboration towards catering to the banking requirements of Japanese corporates present in India?

A             HDFC Bank     

B             Axis Bank         

C             Standard Chartered Bank        

D            ICICI Bank       

E             Punjab National Bank

The 16th edition of India-US joint military exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas 20’ commenced recently in which of the following Indian states?

A            Rajasthan        

B             Manipur            

C             Odisha

D            Uttar Pradesh

E             Assam

‘Parliamentary Messenger in Rajasthan’ was authored by who among the following?

A             Venkaiah Naidu             

B             Dr K N Bhandari          

C             Dr Abhishek Singhvi   

D            Both (1) & (2)  

E             All of the above              

Who among the following is/are the member(s) of the reconstituted National Security Advisory Board headed by NSA Ajit Doval?

A             Sridhar Vembu               

B             K Radhakrishnan          

C             Anshuman Tripathy    

D            Arun K Singh   

E             All of the above

Who among the following won the 13th CEC Cup Ice Hockey Championship?

A             Central Reserve Police Force

B             Indo-Tibetian Border Police   

C             Drass Red        

D            Indian Army     

E             None of the above        

The Satsang Foundation Ashram is located in which of the following states?

A             Gujarat              

B             Andhra Pradesh           

C             Karnataka        

D            Kerala

E             Haryana            

Mandu Festival in news recently is celebrated in which of the following state?

A             Maharashtra  

B             Andhra Pradesh            

C             Arunachal Pradesh      

D            Himachal Pradesh        

E             Madhya Pradesh

Amsterdam is the capital of which of the following country?

A             Belgium             

B             Germany           

C             Netherlands   

D            Sweden              

E             None of the above

_______ is the total amount borrowed by the government of a country.

A             Budget deficit

B             Public debt      

C             Revenue expenditure

D            Revenue receipt           

E             Capital receipt

Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve will be set up as the 5th Tiger reserve of Tamil Nadu. With this, how many Tiger Reserves will be there in India?

A             41         

B             51         

C             61         

D            71         

E             81         

India became the fastest country to reach six million vaccinations in the world. How many days did it take for the country to achieve this?

A             10 days              

B             7 days 

C             13 days              

D            24 days              

E             18 days              

‘KFL’ to encourage goat farming was launched in which of the following states of India?

A             Karnataka        

B             Kerala

C             Uttar Pradesh

D            Madhya Pradesh          

E             Uttarakhand   

Loumi Connect App aims to connect farmers with Horticulture and Agriculture experts. It was launched by who among the following?

A             P.S. Sreedharan Pillai 

B             Najma Heptulla             

C             N Biren Singh 

D            Satya Pal Malik             

E             Bhagat Singh Koshyari

According to the Annual Report of Ombudsman Schemes, 2019-20 of RBI, there was an increase of how much per cent in the receipt of complaints under the 3 Ombudsman Schemes of RBI in 2019-20?

A             45         

B             55         

C             65         

D            85         

E             35         

‘By Many a Happy Accident: Recollections of a Life’ is a book authored by M Hamid Ansari, the former Vice President of India. He served as the ______ VP.

A            12th    

B             13th    

C             16th    

D            15th    

E             14th    

Bellatrix Aerospace is building a ‘space taxi’ for satellites. Through this, it aims to achieve which of the following?

A             Commercialise space and make it a tourism hub          

B             To assist ISRO launch satellites            

C             Partner with other countries and launch satellites     

D            To clean space debris which is a threat the Earth is currently facing 

E             To ferry small satellites into multiple orbits 

As of February 2021, a total of 41.75 crore accounts have been opened so far under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). Accounts opened under PM-JDY are _______ accounts.

A             BBSD  

B             BDBS  

C             BSBD  

D            DBSS   

E             DBDS  

The Ministry of Civil Aviation granted permission to which of the following sports organisation to use drones for live aerial cinematography recently?

A             FIFA    

B             AIFF    

C             AICF    

D            BCCI   

E             All of the above

The SVAMITVA Scheme was launched on _________,2020.

A             April 21              

B             April 22              

C             April 23              

D            April 24             

E             April 25

The President of India inaugurated the General Thimayya Museum in which of the following states?

A            Karnataka       

B             Tamil Nadu      

C             Kerala

D            Telangana        

E             Andhra Pradesh

Which of the following country recently approved a plan to build the world’s 1st energy island in the North Sea?

A             Norway             

B             France

C             Finland

D            Sweden              

E             Denmark          

Rajasthan recently became the 12th state in India to complete One Nation One Ration Card system reform. This has made the state eligible to mobilise additional financial resources of how much amount through Open Market Borrowings?

A             ₹ 1500 Crores

B             ₹ 1678 Crores

C             2731 Crores

D            ₹ 3551 Crores

E             ₹ 4238 Crores

Which of the following partnered with APIX to launch Global Hackathon named ______ PayAuth Challenge?

A            National payments Corporation of India        

B             Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV)

C             Mastercard     

D            Paypal

E             None of the above

India’s largest airline IndiGo appointed who among the following as its Chief Financial Officer?

A             Amarjit Chopra              

B             Akash Chopra 

C             Joyce Chopra  

D            Jiten Chopra  

E             Tanuj Chopra  

Shahtoot Dam will be built by the assistance of India in which of the following countries?

A             Nepal  

B             Sri Lanka           

C             Bhutan

D            Bangladesh     

E             Afghanistan   

World _________ Day is observed on February 10.

A             Wheat

B             Rice     

C             Pulses

D            Chillies

E             Salt      

Kempegowda International Airport won the ACI World’s ‘Voice Of The Customer’ Award for the committed services provided during the pandemic. Where is it located?

A             Hyderabad       

B             Bengaluru       

C             Guwahati         

D            New Delhi        

E             Chennai

Where is the International Court of Justice (ICJ) headquartered?

A             Rome, Italy      

B             Tokyo, Japan   

C             Madrid, Spain 

D            Hague, Netherlands   

E             Geneva, Switzerland  

Scheduled Commercial Banks are included under which schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934?

A             Third   

B             First    

C             Second

D            Fourth

E             Fifth

The Prime Minister of India inaugurated the World Sustainable Development Summit 2021. It is a flagship event of which of the following organisation?

A             Centre for Science and Environment 

B             World Resources Institute      

C             United Nations              

D            The Energy and Resources Institute 

E             Indian Green Building Council

As of February 2021, how many districts are there in Karnataka?

A             30         

B             29         

C             31         

D            32         

E             33         

________ Life Insurance appointed Satishwar Balakrishnan as the CEO recently.

A             ICICI Lombard

B             Aegon

C             Digit    

D            Bharti AXA      

E             Universal Sompo

Which of the following public sector bank tied up with LoanTap for co-lending to MSMEs?

A             Bank of India   

B             Indian Bank     

C             Indian Overseas Bank

D            Karnataka Bank            

E             None of the above      

What is the revised GDP Projection of India for FY21 according to the SBI’s Economic Research Department?

A             -7.4%  

B             -6.5%  

C             -7%      

D            -8%      

E             -8.4%  

‘Beautiful Things’ is a memoir written by who among the following?

A             Donald Trump Jr.          

B             Joe Bidden       

C             Kamala Harris

D            Both (2) & (3)  

E             Hunter Biden 

Which of the following organisation partnered with IISc and CMTI on development of industrial IoT, industry 4.0-enabled products?

A             Robert Bosch  

B             Arçelik

C             Miele  

D            Beko    

E             Siemens

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science History is observed on 11th February. Which Sustainable Development Goal concerns with Gender Equality?

A             1            

B             5            

C             10         

D            15         

E             27         

The ________ observed Financial Literacy Week 2021 with the theme ‘Credit Discipline and Credit from Formal Institutions’.

A            Reserve Bank of India

B             Securities and Exchange Board of India

C             Ministry of Finance     

D            ICICI Bank       

E             State Bank of India

Where is Kaziranga National Park located?

A            Assam

B             Arunachal Pradesh      

C             Madhya Pradesh          

D            Tamil Nadu      

E             Karnataka

India’s first CNG tractor was launched recently. It aims to bring down the annual cost of farmers’ fuel by how much amount?

A             ₹ 10,000           

B             ₹ 35,000           

C             ₹ 40,000           

D            1,00,000       

E             ₹ 75,000           

‘Sweet Revolution’ is associated with which of the following?

A             Sugar  

B             Sugarcanes      

C             Jaggery             

D            Honey

E             Both (1) & (2)  

Which of the following country recently announced the construction of the world’s largest offshore wind farm?

A             The United Kingdom   

B             Denmark           

C             Sweden              

D            The United States of America

E             South Korea   

Goa became the 6th state to successfully undertake Urban Local Bodies (ULB) reforms as prescribed by the Ministry of __________.

A             Housing and Urban Affairs      

B             Finance             

C             Social Justice and Empowerment        

D            Home Affairs  

E             Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions   

The erstwhile BRICS Bank recently committed how much amount to quasi-sovereign wealth fund, NIIF’s Fund of Funds?

A             $ 50 million      

B             $ 100 million  

C             $ 150 million   

D            $ 200 million   

E             $ 250 million   

According to the annual report by IRDAI, which insurer had the highest claim settlement ratio in FY20?

A             Life Insurance Corporation     

B             ICICI Prudential Life Insurance            

C             Max Life Insurance     

D            HDFC Life Insurance  

E             None of the above

According to Ind-Ra, India’s real GDP will grow at how much per cent in FY22?

A            10.4% 

B             7.8%    

C             4.3%    

D            -7.8%  

E             8.3%    

‘Turn Around India: 2020- Surmounting Past Legacy’ is a book on creating economic awareness among masses. It was authored by who among the following?

A            R.P. Gupta       

B             Jual Oram         

C             Amit Chaudhuri             

D            Kiran Desai      

E             Aravind Adiga

TIFAC launched a job portal named ‘Saksham’ for placing workers in MSMEs. What is ‘F’ in TIFAC short for?

A             Findings            

B             Forecasting    

C             Fund    

D            Federation       

E             Functioning     

The 40th Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) International Congress took place in Kolkata. Where is INCA located?

A             New Delhi        

B             Kolkata              

C             Chennai             

D            Mumbai             

E             Hyderabad

AGS Transact and Mastercard partnered to give India’s first-ever ______________ recently.

A             Metal Credit Card        

B             Forex Card for trading

C             Contactless Cash Withdrawals           

D            Crypto based payment solutions         

E             “Cash in Transit” services for NBFCs 

IRDAI panel recommended the re-introduction of index-linked insurance policies (Ilips) recently.Which of the following is true about Ilips? I.The returns from Ilips will be linked to benchmark indices. II.Ilips were banned by the regulator in 2013. III.It cannot act as alternative to unit-linked insurance plans.

A             I,II,III   

B             I and II

C             II and III             

D            Only I  

E             I and III

World Bank signed a $100 million Project to Support Nutrition-Supportive Agriculture in Tribal-Dominated Areas of which state in India?

A            Chhattisgarh 

B             Odisha

C             Tamil Nadu      

D            Andhra Pradesh            

E             Gujarat

J&K joined the initiative of which Space Agency for a new flood forecasting mechanism in the UT?

A             USA     

B             France

C             Russia

D            UK        

E             India    

Star Health and Allied Insurance partnered with which of the following to offer Digital Health Insurance recently?

A             Paytm 

B             Google Pay      

C             BHIM  

D            PhonePe           

E             MobiKwik        

Which state government signed an MoU with Flipkart to promote wooden toys, local artifacts, handicrafts recently?

A             Odisha

B             West Bengal   

C             Chhattisgarh  

D            Rajasthan         

E             Maharashtra  

RBI placed restrictions on fresh investments in NBFCs from countries red flagged by the Financial Action Task Force.Accordingly,fresh investors from these jurisdictions should be less than the threshold of ________ of the voting power in the NBFC.

A             10%     

B             20%     

C             30%     

D            40%     

E             35%     

What is the main theme of this year’s World Radio Day?

A             News in Post Pandemic Times

B             Youth and Radio            

C             New World, New Radio           

D            Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster     

E             Radio and diversity     

Tamil drama ‘Koozhangal’ won the Best Film Award at which film festival recently?

A            International Film Festival Rotterdam

B             Venice International Film Festival      

C             Berlin International Film Festival        

D            Istanbul International Film Festival    

E             Busan International Film Festival

Export-Import Bank of India will provide _______________ to Maldives to fund Greater Male Connectivity Project.

A             $600 mn            

B             $300 mn            

C             $200 mn            

D            $400 mn           

E             $350 mn

Which of the following launched country’s first FASTag powered truck terminal in partnership with Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation?

A             ICICI Bank.      

B             Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd          

C             Ujjivan Small Finance Bank.    

D            A U Small Finance Bank.           

E             Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd.       

Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill, 2021 was passed recently. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT regarding the same? I.It amended Section 89 of the J&K Reorganisation Act, 2019. II.It merges J&K cadre of all-India services officers with AGMUT cadre. III.It will allow officers posted in AGMUT cadre to work in J&K and not the other way round.

A             I,II and III           

B             I and II

C             I and III              

D            None of the above        

E             III only

Who is the Prime Minister of Italy, as of February 2021?

A            Mario Draghi 

B             Guiseppe Conte            

C             Paolo Gentiloni              

D            Sergio Mattarella         

E             Pietro Grasso 

Who was named as the new CEO of Tata Motors recently?

A             Guenter Butschek       

B             Natarajan Chandrasekaran    

C             Ralf Speth         

D            Marc Llistosella            

E             Thierry Bollore

Which of the following banks announced recently that it is inviting applications from start-ups and solo entrepreneurs for its SmartUp grants?

A            HDFC Bank     

B             ICICI Bank       

C             Axis Bank         

D            Oriental Bank of Commerce   

E             PNB Bank         

Which of the following became first Indian startup to be selected for WEF’s Circulars Accelerator Programme 2021?

A             Citizengage     

B             Recykal             

C             Saahas Zero Waste     

D            ExtraCarbon   

E             Kabadiwala

CREADI signed pact with which of the following to open bank accounts for construction workers?

A             SBI       

B             Canara Bank   

C             Paytm 

D            IPPB    

E             ICICI Bank       

Which state government announced 16-digit Unicode to identify landholdings recently?

A            Uttar Pradesh

B             Odisha

C             Kerala

D            Gujarat              

E             Andhra Pradesh

Which state/UT government became the first in India to sign a pact with UN Environment Programme to achieve climate resilience and low carbon development by 2040?

A             New Delhi        

B             Rajasthan         

C             Jammu and Kashmir   

D            West Bengal   

E             Bihar   

M/s CE Info Systems Pvt Ltd (MapmyIndia)signed MoU with ISRO to build an alternative to Google Maps. ISRO’s geoportals will be utilised in the process. Which of the following is not a geoportal of ISRO?

A             Bhuvan              

B             VEDAS

C             Both 2 and 4    

D            MOSDAC         

E             None of the above

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