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State of Higher and Technical Education In India

There were only 20 universities and 500 colleges at the time of independence which have increased by 38 times (i.e., 760) in the case of the universities and 77 times (i.e. 38,498) in the case of colleges. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) for educational institutions was launched to enable parents, students, teachers, educational institutions and other stakeholders to rank institutions on the basis of a set of objective parameters and a transparent process.

A credit framework Skills Assessment Matrix for Vocational Advancement of Youth (SAMVAY) is now in place which allows vertical and lateral mobility within vocational education system and between the current education system. Education Sector Skill Council was constituted in 2014, to consider job roles other than academic faculties and teacher qualifications. The UGC launched a special scholarship scheme for students of the northeast region, Ishan Uday from the academic session 2014-15. UGC has introduced the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship for Single Girl Child for research in social sciences with an aim to compensate direct costs of higher education especially for such girls who happen to be the only girl child in their family.

Few Higher and Technical Education Initiatives by GOI

  • Yukti – Yogya Kalakriti ki Takneek aims at skill development and upgradation of design and technologies enhancing the economic prospects of those engaged in traditional crafts and arts as a means of livelihood.
  • SAKSHAM – Scholarship Scheme for differently-abled children aims at providing encouragement and support to differently-abled children to pursue technical education.
  • Ishan Vikas – Academic Exposure for North Eastern Students: The programme has been launched with a plan to bring selected college and school students from the northeastern states into close contact with IITs, NITs and IISERs during their vacation periods for academic exposure.
  • Pragati (scholarship for girl students) is a scheme of AICTE aimed at providing assistance for advancement of girls participation in technical education.
  • The National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) Scheme aims to leverage the potential of ICT for teaching and learning processes.
  • Swayam – Study Webs of Active -Learning for Young Aspiring Minds: It is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) initiative on a national platform with a comprehensive academic structure. The integrated platform will offer courses covering engineering, humanities and social sciences etc., to be used by learners at large.
  • Global Initiative for Academic Network (GIAN) aims at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs, internationally to encourage their engagement with the institutes of higher education in India.
  • Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations and Training (GANIT) week in schools affiliated to CBSE was organized to commemorate the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan and to actively promote interest of students in mathematics.

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