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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz Week 04, 2021

Here is the weekly current affairs quiz for the week 04 of 2021. Take the quiz to stay ahead in the fields of banking, finance, industry, sports, home affairs.

PM Narendra Modi flagged off 8 trains to Statue of Unity in Gujarat. Who is the governor of Gujarat?

A            Acharya Devvrat         

B             Om Prakash Kohli        

C             B.D.Mishra      

D            Satyadeo Narain Arya

E             Kalraj Mishra 

Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan passed away recently. He is a renowned

A             shehnai player

B             Hindustani vocalist    

C             flautist

D            santoor player

E             sarod player    

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw was selected as one of US-India Business Council’s vice-chair recently. She is the founder of which of the following pharma giant in India?

A             Cipla    

B             Biocon

C             Lupin   

D            Shaw Labs        

E             Ranbaxy Labs 

Which among the following wetland site is situated in the state of Punjab?

A             Bhoj Wetlands

B             Harike Lake     

C             Pong Dam Lake             

D            Rudrasagar Lake          

E             Tsomoriri Lake

Recently climbers from Nepal made first K2 winter ascent. What is K2 otherwise known as?

A             Forehead of the Sky    

B             Big Black           

C             Savage Mountain        

D            Star Mountain

E             White Woman

Which airport commissioned floating solar power plants recently?

A             Ahmedabad     

B             Chennai             

C             Kolkata              

D            Cochin

E             Mumbai

Which of the following terms is NOT used in banking and finance?

A             Arbitrage          

B             Amortization  

C             Bancassurance                              

D            Call Option      

E             Hold option    

Unscripted: Conversations on Life and Cinema is a book by who among the following?

A             Naseeruddin Shah        

B             Anupam Kher 

C             Nawazuddin Siddiqui  

D            Kareena Kapoor            

E             Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Published by Penguin India, the book, The Language of History: Sanskrit Narratives of Muslim Pasts is written by who among the following?

A             Rajiv Malhotra

B             Wendy Doniger             

C             Audrey Truschke         

D            William Dalrymple      

E             Martha Nussbaum       

The first asset reconstruction company of India ARCIL was setup under the SARFESI act in 2002 by four major banks. Which all are the four banks?

A             SBI, ICICI, PNB, HDFC

B             SBI, RRB, PNB, NABARD          

C             SBI, NABARD, PNB IDBI          

D            PNB, Syndicate, SBI, AXIS        

E             SBI, PNB, ICICI, IDBI  

GRSE recently bagged $12.7 million contract from Guyana to build which of the following?

A             Warship            

B             Fleet tanker    

C             Patrol Vessel  

D            Passenger ferry            

E             Anti-submarine corvette

Which of the following banks entered credit card business recently offering interest free cash withdrawal from ATMs during 45 day free credit period?

A            IDFC First         

B             Kotak  

C             Bandhan Bank

D            Yes Bank           

E             Capital First    

“The Dharma Forest” novel which narrates the final days of the Kurukshetra war, is written by who among the following?

A             Krishna Dharma            

B             Sonia Faleiro   

C             Keerthik Sasidharan  

D            Devdutt Pattanaik       

E             Amish Tripathi

Nazhat Shameem Khan won UN Human Rights Council’s first ever presidential vote. She represents which nation?

A             Bahrain              

B             Fiji        

C             Uzbekistan      

D            Afghanistan    

E             Indonesia

Dr. Harsh Vardhan chaired the 148th session of WHO Executive Board recently. How many members does the board have?

A             30         

B             31         

C             32         

D            33         

E             34         

Which among the following is the fast and easiest method that can be adopted by an organization to pay salary to all its employees?

A             Bartering          

B             Money orders 

C             Automated clearing house     

D            Electronic clearing system      

E             Payment through cheques

Who won the women’s singles title at Thailand Open in badminton recently?

A             Tai Tzu-ying    

B             Chen Yufei       

C             P.V.Sindhu        

D            Carolina Marin             

E             Nozomi Okuhara          

A loan arrangement in which the borrower is allowed to start making payments at some specified time in the future is called as?

A             Future payment            

B             Dated payment             

C             Arranged payment      

D            Deferred payment      

E             Effective payment       

Yoweri Museveni was re-elected for sixth term as President of Uganda. What is the capital of Uganda?

A             Khartoum         

B             Kigali  

C             Kampala           

D            Kinshasa           

E             Niamey

MDRT membership is internationally recognized as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. What does “D” represent in MDRT?

A             Directive          

B             Dollar 

C             Distinct             

D            Daily   

E             Dealer

V Shanta who passed away in Chennai recently, was a veteran _______________

A             pulmonologist

B             oncologist       

C             endocrinologist             

D            cardiologist     

E             gynaecologist 

TOTAL acquired 20 pc stake in Adani Green Energy Limited recently. Where is TOTAL based out of?

A             Germany           

B             Vietnam            

C             US         

D            Japan  

E             France

Panju Gangolli, a noted cartoonist, recently compiled a dictionary for a spoken dialect of which state?

A             West Bengal   

B             Maharashtra  

C             Gujarat              

D            Karnataka       

E             Arunachal Pradesh

L&T’s construction arm got Rs 5,000 cr order from Rail Vikas Nigam Limited to work on projects in which of the following state?

A             Tamil Nadu      

B             Assam

C             Uttarakhand  

D            Rajasthan         

E             Kerala

_________ is a ratio that indicates what portion of a person’s monthly income goes toward paying debts.

A            Back-end ratio              

B             Debt ratio         

C             Lenders ratio  

D            Front-up ratio

E             Debt-expense ratio     

Gazing Eastwards: Of Buddhist Monks and Revolutionaries in China is a book written by?

A             Bipan Chandra

B             Ramachandra Guha    

C             Ranajit Guha   

D            Romila Thapar

E             Uma Chakravarti         

Madhya Pradesh signed an MoU with Kerala recently. What is the agreement related to?

A             Healthcare      

B             Self-help group              

C             Tourism            

D            Startups            

E             None of the above

Kalrav is the first state level bird festival of which of the following state?

A            Bihar   

B             Madhya Pradesh          

C             Odisha

D            Uttar Pradesh

E             West Bengal

Vishwavir Ahuja is CEO of which of the following bank?

A             IDFC FIRST Bank         

B             SCB      

C             RBL Bank         

D            DCB     

E             PNB     

BSE signed MoU with which state government to encourage SME listing recently?

A             Bihar   

B             Madhya Pradesh          

C             Kerala

D            Telangana        

E             Maharashtra  

Indo-French Exercise Desert Knight-21 is bilateral exercise of which of the following?

A            Air forces         

B             Naval forces    

C             Armed forces  

D            Paramilitary forces     

E             Disaster relief forces  

Who signed concession agreement with AAI for developing three airports recently?

A             GMR Group     

B             GVK Group      

C             Adani Group  

D            Tata Group      

E             Jaypee Group 

If the funds are to be paid immediately or on-demand, the bill of exchange is known as _______.

A             Trade draft      

B             Term Bill           

C             Bank draft        

D            Sight Bill           

E             Future draft    

IIFL Finance entered into co-lending partnership with Standard Chartered recently. It is for extending loans to which sector?

A             Agriculture      

B             Education         

C             Housing             

D            MSME

E             Social Infrastructure  

Which bank launched ‘Aura’, a credit card exclusively loaded with affordable health and wellness solutions?

A             YES Bank          

B             Axis Bank         

C             Indian Bank     

D            Canara Bank   

E             Bandhan Bank

______ can occur as a result of a higher demand for an asset currently than the contracts maturing in the future through the futures market.

A             Contango          

B             Backwardation             

C             Spot pricing     

D            Arbitrage          

E             Forwarding     

Yes Bank launched YES MSME, a comprehensive proposition enabling easy access to funding. Which of the following is not among the five key differentiating elements of the proposition?

A             Borrow              

B             Save    

C             Partner              

D            Mentor              

E             Protect              

SBI bank was one of the domestic systemically important banks as disclosed by RBI. What is the additional CET1 requirement of SBI for being a D-SIB?

A             0.2%    

B             0.6%    

C             0.5%    

D            0.3        

E             1%        

Where is India’s first labour movement museum set to come up?

A             West Bengal   

B             Tamil Nadu      

C             Maharashtra  

D            Gujarat              

E             Kerala

With whom did MeitY announce partnership to set up a Quantum Computing Applications Lab?

A            Amazon Web Services             

B             IBM     

C             Google

D            Microsoft Azure            

E             Cisco Systems

Which state did Telangana partner with to support women entrepreneurs?

A             Kerala

B             Gujarat              

C             Tamil Nadu      

D            Madhya Pradesh          

E             Karnataka        

Who partnered with NPCI to offer health insurance cover to RuPay Card holders and UPI Users at affordable rates?

A            Universal Sompo General       

B             ICICI Prudential Life   

C             HDFC ERGO General

D            IFFCO Tokio General 

E             Star Health and Allied Insurance

Which is the trade import duty imposed under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, to neutralize the negative effects of subsidies?

A             Safeguard duty              

B             Countervailing duty  

C             Protective duty             

D            Anti-Dumping duty      

E             Basic Customs duty

Second India Innovation Index was released recently. Which of the following states are not in the top five?

A             Tamil Nadu      

B             Kerala

C             Karnataka        

D            Andhra Pradesh           

E             Maharashtra  

Who among the following is the first woman fighter pilot to take part in Republic Day parade?

A            Bhawana Kanth           

B             Avani Chaturvedi         

C             Mohana Singh

D            Shivangi Singh

E             Shaliza Dhami

Which bank became the first to offer a mobile app for authorised money changers to help customers of any bank get Forex Prepaid Card swiftly?

A             SBI       

B             Axis     

C             HDFC 

D            ICICI   

E             YES Bank

Who was appointed as Sundaram Finance’s new managing director recently?

A             Ravi Lochan     

B             Raghu Lochan 

C             Rajiv Lochan  

D            Rajesh Lochan

E             Rakesh Lochan

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) entered into a pact with DRDO for which of the following purpose recently?

A             Eco-road building         

B             Geo-hazard management       

C             Eco-toilet on NHs         

D            Sustainable watering tech for NH plant

E             None of the above        

Who was given the additional charge of Ayush Ministry recently?

A             Piyush Goyal   

B             Arjun Munda   

C             Harsh Vardhan              

D            Kiren Rijiju      

E             Shripad Yesso Naik

Who partnered with with Suryoday Small Finance Bank to offer fixed-deposit services recently?

A            Paytm Payments Bank Ltd     

B             India Post Payments Bank       

C             Fino Payments Bank   

D            Jio Payments Bank      

E             Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel payment bank is a joint venture between Bharti Airtel and which bank?

A             Axis Bank         

B             HDFC Bank     

C             Yes Bank           

D            ICICI Bank       

E             None of the above

Competition Commission of India (CCI) approved the stake acquisition in Max Life Insurance Company by which of the following recently?

A             ICICI Bank       

B             SBI Bank           

C             Axis Bank         

D            Canara Bank   

E             HDFC Bank     

Which state announced ‘Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission’ recently?

A             Rajasthan         

B             Haryana            

C             Odisha

D            Gujarat              

E             Madhya Pradesh          

Which state became the first to implement power reforms as proposed by the Centre and thus became eligible for additional borrowing?

A             Tamil Nadu      

B             Gujarat              

C             Andhra Pradesh            

D            Madhya Pradesh         

E             Odisha

Cabinet recently approved Rs 5281.94 crore investment for 850 MW Ratle Hydro Power Project. On which river is the project constructed?

A             Jhelum

B             Chenab             

C             Krishna              

D            Bhagirathi        

E             Koyna 

Which of the following is NOT TRUE with respect to payment banks in India?

A             Can accept time and demand deposits

B             No NRI deposits            

C             Cannot issue debit card           

D            Can become BC of another bank          

E             PSL norms not applicable

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd signed pact to improve telecom connectivity in hilly areas of which state/UT recently?

A             Assam

B             Arunachal Pradesh      

C             Himachal Pradesh      

D            Uttarakhand   

E             Jammu and Kashmir

According to Futures Industry Association, which stock exchange remained the world’s largest derivatives exchange for the second consecutive year in 2020?

A             America’s CME Group

B             India’s National Stock Exchange         

C             China’s Shanghai Futures Exchange   

D            Europe’s Eurex Exchange        

E             Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange       

Which state launched Avalokana software recently?

A             Goa      

B             Andhra Pradesh            

C             Telangana        

D            Tamil Nadu      

E             Karnataka

___________ provide investors with information about whether bond and debt instrument issuers can meet their obligations.

A            Credit Rating Agencies            

B             RBI       

C             Ministry of Finance     

D            SEBI    

E             None of the Above

Reserve Bank of India imposed a monetary penalty of Rs 2 crore on Standard Chartered Bank recently. With respect to non-compliance in which of the following was it imposed?

A             Cybersecurity framework       

B             Interest Rate on Deposits        

C             Delay in reporting of frauds  

D            Both 1 and 2    

E             Both 2 and 3    

Who among the following introduced ‘Safe Pay’ to curb online frauds, recently?

A            Airtel Payments Bank.              

B             India Post Payments Bank.      

C             Fino Payments Bank.  

D            Jio Payments Bank.     

E             Paytm Payments Bank.             

Who signed an MoU with Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers recently?

A             Ministry of Defence    

B             Indian Army   

C             France

D            Germany           

E             None of the above

What is the tri-services exercise to be held under Andaman and Nicobar Command next week called?

A             Tiger Triumph

B             Exercise Sahyog           

C             Sampriti            

D            Exercise Kavach          

E             Andaman Gold

Which of the following is a framework of RBI under which banks with weak financial metrics are put to watch?

A             Exchange Rate Management 

B             FOREX Swap  

C             Monetary Policy Committee  

D            Prompt Corrective Action     

E             Reserve Management

Which state launched door delivery of ration supplies recently?

A             Tamil Nadu      

B             Gujarat              

C             Andhra Pradesh           

D            West Bengal   

E             Assam

Which state launched ShramShakti, a National Migration Support Portal recently?

A            Goa      

B             Odisha

C             Bihar   

D            West Bengal   

E             Madhya Pradesh

Recently 3 day Chintan Baithak, an extensive brainstorming conference was held in Kutch. It was related to which of the following?

A             Gems and jewellery    

B             Pharmaceuticals           

C             Textile

D            Chemical           

E             Ports   

IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices and has the ability to transfer data over a network without human interaction. What does ‘T’ in IoT stand for?

A             Task    

B             Things

C             Telecommunication    

D            Table   

E             None of the above

Railways renamed which of the following as Netaji Express recenlty?

A             Kolkata Mail   

B             Kalka Mail       

C             Mumbai Mail  

D            Darjeeling Mail             

E             Bhiwani Mail  

Reliance-Future Deal got No-Objection letter From SEBI, BSE recently. What is true about the approval/deal? I.SEBI granted conditional approval II.The deal is worth Rs 24,713-crore. III.Future Group will buy assets from Reliance Industries.

A             Only I  

B             II and III             

C             I and II

D            Only III

E             All of the options

HAL successfully test fired smart anti-airfield weapon from Hawk-i aircraft.Who developed this weapon?

A            DRDO

B             Thales Group  

C             Bharat Forge  

D            Israel Weapon Industries         

E             Magen

Which edition of Khelo India Zanskar Winter Sports Festival is held in Ladakh?

A             2nd       

B             5th       

C             3rd       

D            4th       

E             1st        

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has signed an MoU with which institution for Professorial Chair focusing on research and development?

A             IIT Bombay      

B             IIT Madras       

C             IIT Delhi            

D            IIT Roorkee     

E             IIT Hyderabad

India’s largest multi-model logistic park is to come up in which state?

A             Maharashtra  

B             Gujarat              

C             Manipur            

D            Assam

E             West Bengal   

In Madhya Pradesh, which conglomerate is all set to act as a knowledge partner of the State Government?

A             Tata Group      

B             Reliance Group              

C             WIPRO group

D            Infosys Group 

E             Aditya Birla Group

Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has recently appointed Justice ___________ as the new chairperson of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council.

A            Gita Mittal       

B             Vikramjit Sen  

C             Govind Mathur              

D            Akash Goel      

E             Sanjitha Choudhary    

S Gopalakrishnan has been appointed As Next High Commissioner Of India To Malawi. What is the capital of Malawi?

A             Maputo              

B             Lilongwe          

C             Lusaka

D            Harare

E             Kigali  

In its discussion paper on revised regulatory framework for NBFCs, the RBI has said the regulatory and supervisory framework of NBFCs should be based on a _______-layered structure.

A             five       

B             six         

C             three   

D            four     

E             two      

Who has been confirmed by the US Senate, making him the first Black defense secretary in U.S. history?

A            Lloyd Austin   

B             Jen Johnson     

C             Joseph Votel   

D            Yoseh Lee         

E             Raymond Odlemo

NTPC declared that a 150 MW unit of Kameng Hydro-Electric Project is now commercially operational. Where is it situated?

A             Sikkim

B             West Bengal   

C             Manipur            

D            Arunachal Pradesh     

E             Uttarkhand     

Which of the following fauna species discovered from Kerala has been named after JNCASR researcher, evolutionary biologist Prof. Amitabh Joshi?

A             Sloth Bears      

B             Ants    

C             Snakes

D            Butterfly           

E             Moths 

Kalka Mail train has been renamed as what on the eve of Parakram Diwas 2021?

A             Kranti Express

B             Jazba Express

C             Netaji Express

D            Shaurya Express           

E             None of these 

India’s longest road arch bridge, the Wahrew Bridge has been recently inaugurated in which state?

A             Tripura

B             Mizoram           

C             Meghalaya      

D            Nagaland          

E             Assam

When is the International Day of Education celebrated?

A             December 6     

B             January 24      

C             January 14       

D            January 4          

E             February 2       

What is the current Reverse Repo Rate?

A             4.00% 

B             4.25% 

C             3.35% 

D            3.00% 

E             4.40% 

Which of the following is the capital city of Bahrain?

A             Riyadh

B             Damascus        

C             Amman              

D            Manama           

E             Muscat

Where is the headquarters of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) located?

A             Paris, France   

B             New York, USA              

C             Brussels, Belgium         

D            Montreal, Canada       

E             Geneva, Switzerland

Shristi Goswami, a 19-yr-old Haridwar-based student, is has become Chief Minister of which state for one day on National Girl Child Day?

A            Uttarakhand  

B             Uttar Pradesh

C             Jharkhand        

D            Odisha

E             Madhya Pradesh

Recently, India and Bangladesh held Joint Steering Committee meeting on which sector in Dhaka?

A             Education         

B             Power

C             Minerals           

D            Textile

E             None of the above

Who have been selected for the Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda Prabandhan Puraskar for their excellent work in Disaster Management?

A             SEEDS

B             Dr. Rajendra Kumar Bhandari

C             Ajit Pai

D            HelpAge India

E             Both A & B       

Who recently launched the Union Budget Mobile App as India gears up for first paperless budget 2021-22?

A             Narendra Modi              

B             Nirmala SItharaman  

C             Ajay Thakur     

D            Piyush Goyal   

E             Amit Shah         

Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired the 69th plenary meeting of the North Eastern Council in which city?

A             Agartala            

B             Shillong             

C             Dispur

D            Silchar

E             Imphal

24 January is observed as which of the following across the world?

A             International Day of Rural Women     

B             International Day of Small Industries

C             International Day of Water Mngt.

D            International Day of Social Welfare   

E             International Day of Education

Larry King of USA recently passed away at the age of 87. He was a famous _______________.

A             Baseball Player             

B             Politician          

C             Climate Activist            

D            Industrialist    

E             TV Personality              

Toshali National Crafts Mela 2021 is held in which state?

A             Chhattisgarh  

B             Himachal Pradesh        

C             Rajasthan         

D            Odisha

E             West bengal    

Which young Indian mathematician has been named winner of the prestigious 2021 Michael and Sheila Held Prize along with two others ?

A            Nikhil Srivastava         

B             Shubham Singh              

C             Pankaj Sharma

D            Sudhir Shekhar              

E             Nilin Patel

Percentage of schools with functional separate toilets for girls has shown improvement to be at ______ in 2018-19 as per UDISE-data.

A             90.1% 

B             87.1% 

C             95.1% 

D            83.1% 

E             79.1% 

Popular _____________ Narendra Chanchal passed away in New Delhi. He was 80.

A            Bhajan singer 

B             Golf player       

C             Yoga teacher  

D            Ayurveda professor    

E             none of the above

ITBP won the 10th national ice hockey championship held in _________.

A             Kargil  

B             Uri        

C             Gulmarg           

D            Pahalgam         

E             Anantnag          

Which of the following is the first Small Finance Bank in India?

A             Equitas Small Finance Bank    

B             Suryoday Microfinance Pvt. Ltd           

C             Capital Small Finance Bank   

D            Ujjivan Small Finance Bank     

E             Utkarsh Microfinance

RBI was set up on the recommendations of Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance also known as

A             Smith- Young Commission       

B             Hilton-Young Commission     

C             IIbert Commission       

D            Malhotra Commission

E             None of these 

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