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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – Week 03 2021

Attempt this weekly current affairs quiz to keep your preparation on a roll. Answers are given along with questions to save time and effort. Make sure you memorize some of these mcqs.

CVRDE,a lab of DRDO, dedicated to nation its Indigenously developed Retractable Landing Gear Systems. Where is CVRDE located?

A             Ahmedabad     

B             Bengaluru        

C             Chennai            

D            Delhi   

E             Hyderabad       

‘Siju Bird Sanctuary’ is located in the _________ state.

A             Sikkim

B             Meghalaya      

C             Punjab

D            Rajasthan         

E             Uttarakhand   

Which country was announced as the ‘Country in Focus’ for the 51st International Film Festival?

A            Bangladesh     

B             Denmark           

C             Belgium             

D            Taiwan

E             Japan  

A bank cannot grant any loans and advances on the security of its own shares. It comes under which act?

A             Industrial Recons. Bank Act, 1997      

B             The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

C             Banking Regulation Act, 1949

D            The Companies Act, 1956      

E             The Reserve bank of India Act, 1934  

Neil Sheehan who passed away recently is an award winning ___________

A             fashion designer           

B             director             

C             journalist         

D            musician            

E             social activist 

Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of the Ecosystem Services (NCAVES) India Forum 2021 which is to be held this month is funded by who among the following?

A             WB       

B             UN        

C             MoSPI

D            EU        

E             IMF      

Jigmet Dolma recently won 4th place at the Dhaka Marathon 2021. From which state/UT of India she is from?

A             Manipur            

B             Jammu and Kashmir   

C             Tripura

D            Meghalaya       

E             Ladakh

When is World Hindi Day observed?

A             January 9          

B             January 10      

C             January 11       

D            September 11

E             September 14

It was announced that India’s ‘Institutions Of Eminence’ can now set up campuses overseas. When was the Institutions of Eminence scheme launched?

A             2016   

B             2017   

C             2018   

D            2019   

E             2020   

Padma Awardee Turlapati Kutumba Rao passed away recently. He was a veteran __________

A             director             

B             politician           

C             freedom fighter             

D            journalist         

E             none of the above         

Sagar Anveshika was launched by Harsh Vardhan recently. What kind of ship is Sagar Anveshika?

A             amphibious warfare ship          

B             coastal research vessel            

C             stealth guided-missile destroyer          

D            aircraft carrier

E             stealth anti-submarine

With whom did NHAI tie up recently to set up electric vehicle charging networks in India?

A             Hero Electric  

B             Ola Electric     

C             Wipro Limited

D            Energy Efficiency Services Limited   

E             Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Air India flight with all-woman cockpit crew successfully landed at Bengaluru airport recently. The flight was from _____________ to Bengaluru.

A            San Francisco

B             New York          

C             Paris    

D            Tokyo 

E             Sydney

Oldest living Olympic champion Agnes Keleti turned 100 recently. Which country did she represent?

A             Israel  

B             Austria

C             Hungary           

D            Germany           

E             Czechoslovakia

Which state introduced the ‘Bhraman Sarathi’ scheme, a free bus service for women and senior citizens, recently?

A             Gujarat              

B             Karnataka        

C             Assam

D            West Bengal   

E             Rajasthan

When is National Youth Day celebrated?

A            January 12      

B             January 13       

C             January 11       

D            January 16       

E             January 14       

A first-of-its-kind cow dung based paint was developed by which of the following?

A             NSIC    

B             Asian Paints    

C             KVIC   

D            IICT

E             Raman Research Institute       

According to ICRA, what is the year-on-year expansion of India’s GDP for FY22?

A             10.4% 

B             10.3% 

C             10.1% 

D            10.2% 

E             10.5% 

Galle International Stadium is a famous cricket stadium located in which of the following countries?

A             India    

B             New Zealand  

C             Sri Lanka          

D            South Africa    

E             Australia           

2nd edition of largest coastal defence exercise is being coordinated by Indian Navy. What is the name of the exercise?

A            Sea Vigil            

B             Coastal Vigil   

C             Sea Vigilance  

D            Coastal Vigilance         

E             None of the above        

Ved Mehta, who passed away recently,is a renowned________

A             industrialist    

B             director             

C             scientist            

D            writer 

E             politician           

RBI cancelled the licence of Vasantdada Nagari Sahakari Bank recently. What is the maximum amount the depositors can get from DICGC?

A             Rs.1 Lakh          

B             Rs.2 Lakh          

C             Rs.3 Lakh          

D            Rs.4 Lakh          

E             Rs.5 Lakh          

Banks and other financial institutions in India are required to maintain a certain amount of liquid assets like cash, precious metals and other short term securities as a reserve all the time. In banking World this is known as

A            SLR      

B             CRR     

C             Fixed asset      

D            PLR      

E             none of these  

NSE launched futures & options contracts for Nifty Financial Services Index recently. This is the _________ index of NSE which has its own equity derivatives.

A             2nd       

B             Only    

C             4th       

D            3rd       

E             5th       

Who partnered with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) recently to drive digital transformation of MSMEs?

A             Reliance            

B             Airtel  

C             PhonePe            

D            Tata Digital     

E             Paytm 

Shashikumar Madhusudan Chitre, who passed away recently, is a renowned ___________

A             geophysicist   

B             astrobiologist

C             astrophysicist

D            neuroscientist

E             theoretical physicist

In which section of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 is the term ‘banking’ defined?

A             5(a)      

B             5(b)      

C             6(a)      

D            6(b)      

E             4(c)      

Recently BHEL secured order for steam and power plant from NALCO. What is the worth of the order?

A             Rs.550 crore   

B             Rs.650 crore   

C             Rs.450 crore   

D            Rs.500 crore   

E             Rs.600 crore   

A monetary measure referring either to a reduction in government spending/a reduction in the rate of monetary expansion by a central bank is called as__________.

A             Trade policy    

B             Supply side policy         

C             Contractionary policy

D            Expansionary policy   

E             Industrial policy

RBI released its 22nd Financial Stability Report recently. As per the report,GNPA of banks may rise to _______by September 2021.

A             13.3% 

B             13.4% 

C             13.5% 

D            13.6% 

E             13.7% 

With whom did India Post Payments Bank partner for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System recently?

A            Financial Software and Systems         

B             Financial Systems and Software           

C             Financial Systems and Services            

D            Financial Software and Services           

E             Financial Systems and Solutions

With which bank did Mahindra Lifespace Developers tie up for faster home loan approvals recently?

A             Axis     

B             Canara

C             ICICI   

D            PNB     

E             None of the above      

_____________ is the currency that moves regularly, and quickly, between financial markets, so investors ensure they are getting the highest short-term interest rates available?

A             Hard Money    

B             Soft Money      

C             Heated Money

D            Cold Money     

E             Hot Money      

With which eCommerce platform did NITI Aayog collaborate to revamp the Women Entrepreneurship Platform?

A             Amazon India  

B             Shopify               

C             Flipkart             

D            Nykaa 

E             None of the above

Manipur became the fourth state to complete urban local bodies reforms. How much is the additional borrowing permitted for the same by the Ministry of Finance?

A             Rs.250 crore   

B             Rs.500 crore   

C             Rs.1000 crore

D            Rs.200 crore   

E             Rs.75 crore      

Which hospital won the Kayakalp Award for the third consecutive year this time?

A             AIIMS Delhi     

B             AIIMS Bhubaneswar 

C             AIIMS Bhopal 

D            AIIMS Jodhpur               

E             AIIMS Bathinda            

A bond with no maturity date is known as _________.

A             Foreign bond   

B             Municipal bond              

C             Corporate bond             

D            High yield bond              

E             Perpetual bond

As per the Digital Evolution Scorecard 2020 by Tufts University’s Fletcher School, what is the rank of India in ‘Break Out Economies’?

A             1            

B             2            

C             3            

D            4            

E             5            

Which state/UT signed an agreement with North East Cane & Bamboo Development Council to set up bamboo clusters?

A             Odisha

B             Karnataka        

C             Gujarat              

D            Jammu and Kashmir  

E             West Bengal   

Sadyr Japarov was elected the President of Kyrgyzstan recently. What is the currency of Kyrgyzstan?

A             tenge  

B             somoni

C             manat 

D            som     

E             lira        

An option to buy assets at an agreed price on or before a particular date is called as?

A             Put option         

B             Call option      

C             Vanilla option 

D            Both a & c          

E             Both a & b         

Henley Passport Index 2021 was released recently. What is the rank of India?

A             81         

B             82         

C             83         

D            84         

E             85         

What was the new species that was named after Siruvani, an ecological hotspot in Western Ghats?

A            Fruit Fly             

B             Bat       

C             Orchid

D            Snake  

E             Frog     

Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank signed an agreement with which fintech recently?

A            Jai Kisan           

B             Bankit

C             Shiksha finance             

D            Kyash 

E             Finetrain

Fiscal policy deals with which among the following factors?

A             Taxation in a country  

B             Expenditure decisions of the govt.

C             Supply of money in the economy          

D            Both A & B       

E             Other

With which country was an MoU approved on scientific and technical cooperation recently?

A             Japan  

B             Vietnam            

C             UAE     

D            Russia

E             Turkmenistan

Government approved deal with HAL to procure 83 indigenously-developed Tejas aircrafts. What is the deal worth approximately?

A             Rs.25000 crore             

B             Rs.47000 crore             

C             Rs.80000 crore             

D            Rs.38000 crore             

E             None of the above

In the 2nd edition of Janaagraha City Governance Awards, which state won the Best State award?

A             Gujarat              

B             Kerala

C             Madhya Pradesh          

D            Odisha

E             Maharashtra

RBI imposed a penalty of Rs 2 crore on Deutsche Bank AG for non-compliance with provisions regarding?

A             KYC     

B             Code of Conduct           

C             On opening of on-site ATM     

D            Deposits Interest Rates           

E             Managing Assets

Who partnered with Logistics Skill Sector Council and Karnataka Skill Development Centre to set up Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru?

A            Flipkart             

B             Amazon             

C             FedEx 

D            DHL Express   

E             Allcargo Logistics

How many risk threshold levels does Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) have?

A            3            

B             4            

C             5            

D            8            

E             9

IRDAI has set up 10 member committee to examine availability of health insurance products. Who is the chairman of the committee?

A             A K Chand        

B             Nachiket Mor 

C             B K Mohanti    

D            S C Khuntia     

E             Pankaj Sharma

Reserve Bank of India has set up a working group to study digital lending activities of the regulated and unregulated players.Who is the chairman of the group?

A             Kumar Choudhary        

B             Manoranjan Mishra    

C             Jayant Kumar Dash    

D            Ajay Kumar Choudhary             

E             P Vasudevan   

The law that allows commercial banks to auction properties to recover loans from the defaulters-

A             IRDA Act 1999              

B             RBI Act 1934  

C             Banking Regulation Act 1949

D            SARFAESI Act 2002   

E             Wilful Defaulters Act 2010

Prakash Rao who passed away recently, was a noted _____________.

A             industrialist    

B             politician           

C             doctor 

D            environmentalist          

E             social activist 

Which of the following services can be provided by a Payments Bank? I. Savings account II. Current accounts III. Mutual funds IV. Insurance products V. Remittance services

A             I and II only      

B             I, II and V only 

C             I, II, III, IV and V             

D            I, III, and V         

E             I, II, III and V     

Bharat Biotech signed a deal with Precisa Medicamentos to supply Covaxin to which country?

A             Vietnam            

B             Malaysia           

C             Brazil  

D            UAE     

E             Bangladesh     

Who was appointed by Aviva Life Insurance as CEO and MD recently?

A            Amit Malik      

B             Trevor Bull       

C             P C Kandpal     

D            N S Kannan      

E             None of the above

Who acquired Payments Technology Services Ltd (PTSL) for Rs.66 crore recently?

A             TCS      

B             Cognizant         

C             Tech Mahindra             

D            HCL     

E             Wipro 

51st IFFI is celebrating the work of which legendary Indian filmmaker?

A             Mani Ratnam  

B             Satyajit Ray    

C             Guru Dutt         

D            Mrinal Sen        

E             Adoor Gopalakrishnan

What is the caliber of machine pistol ‘Asmi’ co-developed by DRDO and Indian Army?

A             7.62 mm            

B             9 mm   

C             10 mm

D            14.5 mm            

E             12.7 mm

With which fintech did ICICI Bank tie up to issue prepaid cards to MSMEs?

A            Niyo    

B             Nio       

C             Neo      

D            NEyo   

E             None of the above        

It was announced there will be no foreign leader as chief guest for Republic Day this year. Who was the first chief guest to grace Republic Day in 1950?

A             Bir Bikram Shah,Nepal

B             Dorji Wangchuck,Bhutan         

C             Sukarno,Indonesia     

D            Queen Elizabeth,UK   

E             Kwame Nkrumah,Ghana          

IDF-NBFC raise resources through issue of Rupee denominated bonds of minimum ______year maturity.

A             6            

B             10         

C             5            

D            8            

E             3            

YES bank partnered with Aditya Birla Wellness to launch ‘YES BANK Wellness’ and ‘YES BANK Wellness Plus’.What are these products?

A             Insurance plans             

B             Awareness Campaign

C             Savings plans  

D            Credit cards    

E             Loan plans

Indian Army signed contract with ideaForge to procure SWITCH drones. What is the approximate cost of the contract?

A             USD 2 million  

B             USD 12 million

C             USD 15 million

D            USD 8 million  

E             USD 20 million              

The money of the individuals, that is deposited in the banks are insured by which among the following organization?

A             National Housing Bank             

B             Reserve bank of India 

C             Bank board Bureau      

D            DICGC

E             IRDAI

Where was India’s first fire park inaugurated recently?

A            Odisha

B             Rajasthan         

C             New Delhi        

D            West Bengal   

E             Andhra Pradesh

The third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana was launched today. What is the outlay of the scheme in this phase?

A             Rs.1200 crore

B             Rs.1524 crore

C             Rs.948 crore   

D            Rs.750 crore   

E             Rs.2243 crore

Who was appointed as chairman of Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council?

A             Sandeep Sharma           

B             Sandeep Bhakshi          

C             Sandeep Acharya         

D            Sandeep Aggarwal     

E             Sandeep Bhatia

CSIR institutes signed MoU with which country for collaboration on marine sciences and technology?

A             Brazil  

B             Oman  

C             UAE     

D            Japan  

E             Russia

Pat Gelsinger was appointed as the CEO of which of the following organisation?

A             Google India    

B             Intel    

C             Microsoft         

D            Apple  

E             Oracle

What does EPS stand for in finance terminology?

A             Electronic Payment System    

B             Earnings Per Share      

C             Equity Partner Service

D            Both a & b        

E             Both a & c

Indian-American Garima Verma was recently appointed as ___________ in US.

A            Digital director in Office of First Lady

B             Joe Biden’s climate policy adviser       

C             US-India Business Council vice chair 

D            White House Deputy Press Secretary

E             Surgeon General

Which of the folllowing one is not a part of International Coordinating Group ?

A             WHO  

B             UNICEF             

C             IFRC    

D            MSF     

E             None of the above

World’s oldest known animal cave painting discovered by archaeologists in_________________________.

A             Malaysia           

B             Vietnam            

C             Indonesia         

D            Thailand            

E             Myanmar

Recently, STARStreak Air Defence system, missile system procured by Bharat Dynamics Limited. Which of the following country signed with the government of India enterprise for this system?

A             USA     

B             UK        

C             Israel  

D            Canada              

E             Russia

Who bagged 51st edition of the IFFI’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement award?

A            Vittorio Storaro           

B             Rajinikanth      

C             Hayao Miyazaki            

D            Bernardo Bertolucci   

E             Amitabh Bachan

 ___________________is a loan that a government makes to a foreign borrower in exchange for the promise that the borrower will use the loan to purchase goods from the lender’s country.

A             Payday loans  

B             Title loans        

C             Tied Loan         

D            Pawn shop loans           

E             None of the above

As per 16 january 2021, Who is the Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs?

A             Nirmala Sitharaman   

B             Subrahmanyam Jaishankar     

C             Nitin Jairam Gadkari 

D            Narendra Singh Tomar              

E             Ramesh Pokhriyal

The two-day ‘Prarambh’ international summit is related to which of the following field?

A             Agriculture      

B             NBFC  

C             Startups           

D            Defence             

E             Education

Which of the following one is manufacturing indigenously designed and developed modern driverless metro trains?

A            BEML Limited

B             BHEL Ltd          

C             NHPC Limited

D            BPCL Ltd           

E             None of the above

Which of the following company topped Hurun’s top 500 list?

A             Amazon             

B             Micrososft       

C             Apple 

D            IBM     

E             Flipkart

Yoshihide Suga is the Prime Minister of which of the following Asian Nation?

A            Japan 

B             Thailand            

C             South Korea    

D            Vietnam            

E             Cambodia

As per 16 january 2021; India’s total foreign exchange (Forex) reserves stand at around _________________________.

A            $586.082 billion          

B             $786.082 billion           

C             $686.082 billion           

D            $486.082 billion           

E             $386.082 billion

Which among the following is the first theme park chain in the country to receive the COV-Safe certification?

A             Essel World     

B             Dream World  

C             Nicco Park        

D            Imagicca           

E             Wonderla

Which of the following one is the first start-up to enter the unicorn club in 2021.

A             Mantra Labs   

B             Digit Insurance             

C             Toffee Insurance          

D            Acko    

E             Pentation Analytics    

Fiat Chrysler partners with Wipro to establish its first global digital hub in_________________.

A            Hyderabad      

B             Bengaluru        

C             Kochi   

D            Chennai             

E             Gurugram

Who is the author of the book ‘The Commonwealth of Cricket’?

A             Salman Rushdie             

B             Vikram Seth    

C             Jhumpa Lahri  

D            Ramchandra Guha      

E             Aravind Adiga

Karera Wildlife Sanctuary is located in ________.

A             Karbi Anglong, Assam

B             Kullu, Himachal Pradesh          

C             Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh     

D            Champhai, Mizoram    

E             Tuensang, Nagaland

The mutual fund industry in India started in 1963 with the formation of which of the following institution?

A             LIC       

B             UTI       

C             SBI       

D            IRDI     

E             SIDBI  

The government of India will launch a _____________________seed fund for startups, called Startup India Seed Fund,which will help startups with the initial capital for growth and operations. .

A            Rs.1000Cr       

B             Rs.500Cr          

C             Rs.600Cr          

D            Rs.700Cr          

E             Rs.100Cr          

Which of the following institution announced setting up of a working group (WG) on digital lending through online platforms and mobile apps?

A             Ministry of Finance     

B             RBI       

C             SEBI    

D            World Bank     

E             IMF      

The 51st edition of the International Film Festival of India conferred the Indian Personality of the Year Award?

A             Rajinikath        

B             Amitabh Bachan           

C             Dileep Kumar 

D            Biswajit Chatterjee    

E             Soumitra Chatterjee  

‘International Migration 2020’ recently published by which of the following one?

A             WHO  

B             WEF    

C             UNO    

D            IMF      

E             Worldbank       

Which ministry recently bagged the SKOCH Challenger Award for Transparency in Governance?

A             Ministry of External affairs     

B             Ministry of Defence    

C             Ministry of Education

D            Ministry of Panchayati Raj     

E             Ministry of Heavy industries

Asmara is the capital of ____________________.

A             Nigeria

B             Kosovo               

C             Ghana 

D            Eritrea

E             None of the above        

Which of the following one launched the Gigabit Wi-Fi Experience?

A             Jio Fiber            

B             Airtel Xstream Fiber  

C             Translink Fibernet       

D            Idea Broadband Ultra-Fast Fiber         

E             Bharat Fiber   

In which of the following years symbol of the Indian rupee came into existence.?

A             2011   

B             2012   

C             2009   

D            2010   

E             2007   

PCRA recently launched a campaign called ‘SAKSHAM’. It is mainly create awareness about?

A            Green and Clean Energy          

B             Water conservation   

C             Rain water harvesting

D            Startups            

E             All of the above

CARE Ratings has revised downwards its projection of the Centre’s fiscal deficit to _____________________of GDP during FY21.

A            7.8%    

B             6.8%    

C             5.4%    

D            3.5%    

E             8.7%

Which among the following one joint with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) to launch ‘Plastic Lao – Mask Pao’ Kiosk?

A             UNICEF             

B             WHO  

C             UNEP  

D            UNDP 

E             WTO   

Who is India’s First Covid Vaccine Recipient?

A            Manish Kumar

B             Dhawal Dwivedi           

C             Randeep Guleria           

D            Dr. VK Paul      

E             Suresh Kumar

Recently, IRDAI sets up a committee to study health insurance products. IRDAI established in__________________________________.

A             1990   

B             1995   

C             1996   

D            1993   

E             1999

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