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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz Week 8, 2021

Here is the weekly current affairs quiz for week 08 of 2021. Take the quiz to stay ahead in the fields of banking, finance, industry, sports, home affairs.

Sagarika International Cruise Terminal, India’s first full-fledged international cruise terminal was recently inaugurated in which of the following cities?

A             Mormugao       

B             Kochi  

C             Vishakaptinam

D            Chennai             

E             Kolkata

Where is the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) located?

A             New York, USA              

B             Washington, USA         

C             Rome, Italy      

D            Paris, France   

E             Madrid, Spain 

The State of _________ became the first in India to partner with the UNEP to formulate low-carbon development strategy.

A             Uttar Pradesh

B             Karnataka        

C             Sikkim

D            Andhra Pradesh            

E             Bihar   

Jammu and Kashmir partnered with HR Wallingford in collaboration with Oxford University for which of the following purposes?

A             To distribute social security benefits to all people      

B             To bring financial inclusion      

C             For Conducting land Survey   

D            For Impact-based flood forecasting  

E             None of the above

According to the latest reports, the Retail Inflation based on Consumer Price Index was at ______%.

A             4.5        

B             4.36     

C             4.06     

D            5.36     

E             3.95     

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance launched a goal-based savings product GIFT. What does ‘T’ in GIFT short for?

A             Tele-medicine

B             Tasks  

C             Tomorrow       

D            Today 

E             Trust   

Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India signed MoU with Indian Payments & Postal Bank to facilitate the opening of bank accounts for who among the following?

A             Women Entrepreneurs             

B             Transgenders 

C             Fishermen        

D            Construction Workers             

E             Retired Army Personnel

Kamala’s Way: An American Life is a biography of the 49th Vice-President of the US. It was authored by _______.

A            Dan Morain    

B             Matt Damon   

C             Antony J. Blinken         

D            John Jay            

E             Both (2) & (3)

Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin became the first player in Test Cricket to take 200 wickets against left-handed batsmen by dismissing __________.

A             Dan Lawrence

B             Stuart Broad  

C             Olly Stone        

D            Ben Stokes       

E             Dom Sibley      

How many Ramsar Sites are there in India as of February 2021?

A             41         

B             42         

C             43         

D            44         

E             45

The recently proposed Delhi-Dehradun expressway will be India’s first one to have a ______ long elevated corridor for protecting wildlife.

A             10 km  

B             12 km 

C             14 km  

D            16 km  

E             18 km  

‘Pahela Phagun’ is celebrated in ______.

A             Jammu and Kashmir   

B             Bihar   

C             Uttar Pradesh

D            All of the above            

E             None of the above

Kanchoth festival was recently celebrated in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Who is the Lieutenant Governor of this UT?

A             G C Murmu      

B             Radha Krishna Mathur              

C             Manoj Sinha   

D            Kiran Bedi        

E             Praful Patel     

The Indian Economic Trade Organization an Indian non-governmental trade association and advocacy group partnered with which of the following state recently to implement the Sustainable Development Goals?

A             Kerala

B             Bihar   

C             Assam

D            Karnataka       

E             West Bengal   

Where is the Byculla zoo located?

A             Madhya Pradesh          

B             Goa      

C             Andaman and Nicobar

D            Andhra Pradesh            

E             Maharashtra  

‘Abhyudaya Yojana’ to train students of the state of __________ for Competitive exams was launched recently.

A             Tamil Nadu      

B             Gujarat              

C             Odisha

D            Uttar Pradesh

E             Chhattisgarh  

The apex bank of India recently formed a committee under who among the following to suggest effective measures for faster rehabilitation and resolution of UCBs?

A             R N Joshi           

B             N C Muniyappa             

C             Mukund M Chitale       

D            Prof. M S Sriram            

E             None of the above      

Under the newly launched, Kotak Remit customers do not have to furnish any physical documents for transactions up to ____________ or equivalent.

A             $ 10,000           

B             $ 20,000           

C             $ 25,000           

D            $ 30,000           

E             $ 35,000

According to the latest report by the World Bank Indian accidents account for how much per cent of the total accidents in the world?

A             1%        

B             11%     

C             21%     

D            33%     

E             43%     

Hima Das was recently appointed as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in Assam. She is associated with which of the following sports?

A            Sprinting          

B             Swimming        

C             Wrestling         

D            Badminton       

E             Table Tennis   

The recently concluded International Conference on Gender Equality (ICGE II) took place in which of the following state/UT?

A            Kerala

B             Tamil Nadu      

C             New Delhi        

D            Jharkhand        

E             Tripura

In a bid to provide support to the industry, Union Textiles Minister recently launched the Commercial ________ Distribution Scheme.

A             Cotton

B             Jute     

C             Flax     

D            Hemp  

E             Bamboo             

Carlos Menem, who passed away recently belonged to which of the following country?

A             Cuba    

B             South Africa    

C             Argentina        

D            Spain   

E             Chile    

The Vigyan Jyoti programme in news recently was launched in _______.

A             2011   

B             2014   

C             2018   

D            2019   

E             2020   

What is the base year for the National Coal Index?

A             FY 2015 – 16   

B             FY 2016 – 17   

C             FY 2011 – 12   

D            FY 2017 – 18   

E             FY 2019 – 20

Introduced in 2000, which of the following type of USB port is also known as hi-speed USB?

A            USB 2.0              

B             USB 1.x              

C             USB 1.0              

D            USB 3.x              

E             USB 5.0              

Which of the following key is used to quit, cancel or abort a process that is running on a computer?

A             Modifier Key   

B             Toggle Key       

C             Function Key  

D            Escape Key     

E             Home Key        

Who among the following is considered to be the world’s first programmer?

A             Mark Zuckerberg         

B             Dennis Ritchie

C             Ada Lovelace 

D            Guido van Rossum       

E             Kathleen Booth             

Which of the following does not come under Differentiated Banks?

A            Universal Banks           

B             Payment Banks             

C             Small Finance Bank     

D            Custodian Banks          

E             Wholesale and Long – Term Finance Banks    

What is the maximum maturity for a T – bill?

A             15 days              

B             91 days              

C             182 days           

D            364 days           

E             182 days           

The West Bengal government launched the “Maa” scheme recently to provide meals at low cost to people. Under this scheme, what is the subsidy provided by the government?

A             ₹ 5        

B             ₹ 10     

C             15     

D            ₹ 20     

E             ₹ 25     

Kerala Financial Corporation(KFC) became the first government-run financial institution in Kerala to launch Debit cards. Where is KFC headquartered?

A             Kochi   

B             Trivandrum    

C             Kozhikode        

D            Thrissur             

E             Kollam

According to a report by the RBI, Bank credit growth was at 90% of FY20 level. Which of the following correctly describes ‘Bank Credit’?

A             It is the ratio of the total number of deposits to the total number of loans lent by a bank        

B             It is the total amount of combined funds that a financial institution advances         

C             It is the total number of Credit Cards that have been lent by a bank in a given period of time               

D            It is the difference between the number of loan applications and the number of loans actually lent 

E             It is the total amount of deposits held by a bank at any point of time 

_________ and Razorpay recently launched a partnership to make digital payments more accessible for MSMEs and startups.

A             VISA    

B             Mastercard     

C             RuPay 

D            PayPal

E             Paytm 

Which of the following organisation provided Rs 100 crore loan to Medanta to combat COVID-19?

A             State Bank of India, as a part of its CSR initiative         

B             Asian Development Bank       

C             World Bank     

D            Small Industries Development Bank of India 

E             None of the above        

According to Japanese brokerage Nomura, what will be the growth of India’s GDP in FY22?

A             10.5% 

B             -10.5%

C             11.5% 

D            12.5% 

E             13.5% 

The Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas recently addressed the _____ edition of World PetroCoal Congress and World Future Fuel Summit in New Delhi.

A             1st        

B             13th    

C             11th    

D            15th    

E             67th    

Indian multinational technology company HCL TEchnology partnered with which of the following institution to strengthen capabilities in cybersecurity?

A             Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata     

B             Indian Institute of Science,      

C             Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Bengaluru              

D            Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

E             Thapar University

According to a recent report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, India needs an investment worth _______ to reach 450-GW RE target by 2030.

A             $ 100 billion    

B             $ 200 million   

C             $ 500 million   

D            $ 500 billion   

E             $ 2 trillion         

Naman Ojha was in news recently. He is associated with which of the following sport?

A            Cricket               

B             Tennis

C             Football             

D            Hockey              

E             None of these because he is an actor 

Pilot Pey Jal Survekshan is associated with which of the following ministries?

A             Ministry of Finance     

B             Ministry of Civil Aviation         

C             Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

D            Ministry of Panchayati Raj      

E             Ministry of Jal Shakti 

Rama Jois who passed away recently was a ___________.

A             Jurist  

B             Former Governor of Bihar       

C             Former Governor of Jharkhand            

D            Writer

E             All of the above            

Who was appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Tyre maker CEAT?

A             Prabhas             

B             Anushka Shetty             

C             Rana Daggubati           

D            Allu Arjun          

E             Naga Chaitanya            

‘e-Chhawani’ Portal was recently launched by which of the following dignitaries?

A             Prime Minister of India              

B             Vice President of India

C             Defence Minister of India       

D            President of India         

E             Finance Minister of India

Actor Darshan was roped in as Agriculture Ambassador by the government of which of the following state?

A             Kerala

B             Tamil Nadu      

C             Andhra Pradesh            

D            Telangana        

E             Karnataka       

‘ASOCA’ is a book written by who among the following?

A             Jhumpa Lahiri 

B             Irwin Allan Sealy          

C             Anita Desai      

D            Ramila Thapar

E             Shoji Shiba        

Dr Ajay Mathur, who was recently appointed as the Director-General of International Solar Alliance replaced who among the following?

A            Upendra Tripathy       

B             Smita Sabharwal          

C             Aruna Sundararajan    

D            Ashok Khemka               

E             None of the above        

Dr Kiran Bedi, who was removed from the post of the Puducherry Lieutenant Governor was replaced by who among the following?

A             Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan    

B             Governor of Andhra Pradesh 

C             Both (1) & (2)  

D            Governor of Telangana             

E             Both (1) & (4)  

Indian-origin Preeti Sinha was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the UN Capital Development Fund. Where is UNCDF headquartered?

A             Washington    

B             New York         

C             Paris    

D            Vienna

E             Geneva              

Who was recently awarded the SKOCH Chief Minister of the Year Award?

A            YS Jagan Mohan Reddy           

B             Pinarayi Vijayan           

C             Hemant Soren

D            Vijaybhai R. Rupani     

E             Edappadi K. Palaniswami

India recently signed a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement with which of the following African country?

A             Morocco            

B             Mauritius         

C             Nigeria

D            Tanzania           

E             Democratic Republic of Congo

The ‘Mahabahu-Brahmaputra’ initiative is a Ro-Pax service which aims to improve connectivity. It was launched by the Prime Minister in which of the following states?

A            Assam

B             Nagaland          

C             Meghalaya       

D            Tripura

E             Mizoram           

According to the new directive by the RBI, all deposit-taking HFCs will have to achieve a minimum LCR of ________%.

A             25         

B             55         

C             60         

D            75         

E             50

The ‘Free Gift Milk to Girl Students of _______’ aims to fight malnutrition among young children in the state.

A             Odisha

B             Jharkhand        

C             Sikkim

D            Rajasthan         

E             West Bengal   

The apex bank of India recently permitted residents to make remittances to IFSCs under LRS. What does ‘R’ in LRS short for?

A             Rate    

B             Returns             

C             Remittance     

D            Ratings              

E             Randomised    

Who among the following is the recipient of the Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award 2020

A             Erwin Agnel     

B             Balvinder Singh             

C             Bandu Mankar

D            Theodore Baskaran   

E             None of the above        

Which of the following sector in February 2021 became the 13th one to be included under the ambit of PLI Scheme launched in April 2020?

A             Automobile components          

B             Pharmaceutical drugs

C             Textile products           

D            Speciality steel products          

E             Telecom            

As of February 2021, how many states have successfully completed the Ease of Doing Business Reforms thus making them eligible for additional financial grants?

A             13         

B             12         

C             15         

D            18         

E             20         

Which insurance Company partnered with Flipkart to offer ‘Hospicash’ benefit to consumers named ‘Group SafeGuard’?

A             Life Insurance Corporation     

B             ICICI Lombard Insurance        

C             Canara HSBC Life Insurance  

D            Universal Sompo General Insurance  

E             Tata AIG Life Insurance            

Who is the President of the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council?

A             Ajai Malhotra 

B             Preeti Sinha     

C             Nazhat Shameem        

D            Mallikarjun Kharge     

E             None of the above

Prime Minister recently chaired the 6th meeting of Governing Council of NITI Aayog virtually. When was NITI Aayog formed?

A             1985   

B             2015   

C             2017   

D            1952   

E             1973   

Which of the following organisation received the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020?

A             Central Zoo Authority of India              

B             Animal Welfare Board of India              

C             Wildlife Crime Control Bureau            

D            Wildlife Institute of India         

E             None of the above        

Name the only Indian city to get recognised as a 2020 Tree City of the World.

A             Indore 

B             Bengaluru        

C             Srinagar            

D            Guwahati         

E             Hyderabad      

Which of the following tech giant partnered with EIF to invest $75 million in coronavirus-hit small businesses.

A             Facebook          

B             Twitter              

C             Microsoft         

D            Google

E             Signal  

According to a report by Grant Thornton, which of the following state was the top destination for the inflow of FDI from the UK Companies?

A            Maharashtra  

B             Haryana            

C             Madhya Pradesh          

D            Gujarat              

E             Tamil Nadu      

The Tata Group recently acquired how much per cent stake in online grocery major Big Basket for Rs 9,500 crore?

A             86%     

B             68%     

C             56%     

D            65%     

E             43%     

Union Minister of Labour and Employment ____________ recently launched applications for five pan-India surveys.

A             Narendra Singh Tomar              

B             Piyush Goyal   

C             Mahendra Nath Pandey            

D            Shripad Yesso Naik      

E             Santosh Kumar Gangwar        

The Export-Import Bank of India recently extended an LoC of _________ to the Republic of Sierra Leone.

A             $ 10 million      

B             $ 1 billion          

C             $ 15 million     

D            $ 33 million      

E             $ 2 billion          

NASA successfully landed its 5th rover on Mars in a deep crater near its equator called __________.

A             Juno     

B             Jezero

C             Eros     

D            Perseverance 

E             Hygiea

What is the capital of Myanmar?

A             Hanoi  

B             Bangkok            

C             Taipei 

D            Kuala Lumpur 

E             Naypyitaw      

Which of the following organisation has been mandated to undertake the awareness drive for promoting Public Charging, e-mobility & its ecosystem named ‘Go Electric’?

A             TERI    

B             BEE      

C             IREDA

D            ADB     

E             World Bank     

MoHUA recently announced names of 25 cities selected for the Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge. These cities would carry out projects for making early ___________ neighbourhoods.

A             Environment friendly 

B             Women friendly            

C             Childhood friendly     

D            Divyaang friendly        

E             All of the above

Intensified Mission Indra Dhanush 3.0 was launched recently. It is associated with which of the following?

A             Fighting malnutrition 

B             Eliminating child Labour           

C             Promoting agriculture

D            Immunization

E             None of the above

The Integrated Command and Control Centre was recently opened by the Prime Minister in which of the following states?

A            Kerala

B             Karnataka        

C             Tamil Nadu      

D            Bihar   

E             West Bengal   

The Chief Minister’s Grant for Journalism and the Chief Minister’s Research Grant was recently introduced by the CM of which state?

A             Mizoram           

B             West Bengal   

C             Tamil Nadu      

D            Kerala

E             None of the above      

The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in news recently is located in ___________.

A             Silchar

B             Dispur

C             Agartala            

D            Tezpur

E             Guwahati

Which of the following state(s) celebrate their statehood day on the 20th of February?

A             Meghalaya       

B             Mizoram           

C             Arunachal Pradesh      

D            Both (1) & (3)  

E             Both (2) & (3)  

The ________ edition of India – EU Macroeconomic dialogue was held in February 2021.

A             1st        

B             6th       

C             11th    

D            18th    

E             23rd

Which of the following dignitaries launched the BRICS 2021 Website?

A             Narendra Modi              

B             Ram Nath Kovind         

C             Amit Shah         

D            S Jaishankar   

E             Rajnath Singh 

Who among the following was recently appointed as the head of Tokyo 2020?

A             Yoshiro Mori   

B             Thomas Bach  

C             Seiko Hashimoto         

D            Yoshihide Suga              

E             Shinzo Abe       

International Solar Alliance has announced to launch World Solar Bank. The bank has planned to disburse how much amount to the member countries in the next 10 years?

A             $ 10 billion       

B             $ 20 billion       

C             $ 30 billion       

D            $ 40 billion       

E             $ 50 billion

The first case of transmission of Avian Flu to humans has been deducted by the scientists of which of the following country?

A             The United States of America

B             China  

C             Russia

D            India    

E             Kenya

Which of the following bank recently signed an MoU with Society for Innovation and Development to fund start-ups and MSME?

A             State Bank of India      

B             Indian Bank    

C             Indian Overseas Bank

D            HDFC Bank     

E             Canara Bank   

Bank of Maharashtra recently partnered with Vayana Network to offer help MSMEs. Where is the Bank of Maharastra headquartered?

A             Mumbai             

B             New Delhi        

C             Nagpur               

D            Pune   

E             Kolhapur           

India recently became successful in the joint user trails of indigenously developed __________ Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.

A             Akash 

B             Virat    

C             Helina

D            Kornet

E             Rafale 

Makhtar Diop was recently appointed as the First African Managing Director and Executive Vice President of _________, an arm of the World Bank Group

A             IBRD   

B             IFC       

C             IDA      

D            MIGA  

E             ICSID  

When is International Mother Language Day celebrated?

A             February 18    

B             February 21    

C             February 22    

D            February 23    

E             February 19    

Who among the following won the Women’s Singles in Australian Open 2021?

A             Elise Mertens 

B             Aryna Sabalenka          

C             Both (1) & (2)  

D            Jennifer Brady

E             None of the above

Chris Morris became the costliest ever player at IPL auction for Rajasthan Royal. He belongs to which of the following countries?

A            South Africa   

B             England             

C             New Zealand  

D            Australia           

E             None of the above        

Who is the author of the book ‘Starstruck: Confessions of a TV Executive’?

A             Arnab Goswami            

B             Sweta Singh    

C             Ravish Kumar 

D            Rajdeep Sardesai         

E             None of the above      

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